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    Melio Fauna Journal 1

    i guess i have to write in this thing i got from the store here in trottingham after i bought my bar/restaurant here. Ah you might be confused the name is Meliodas well was now the name is Melio Fauna nice name i guess but just call me Melio, well i'm getting off track after ahem entering trottingham or this realm i guess feels weird becoming a pony or equine or whatever their now me called so

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    soooo my internet is off

    yea now i can only do limited shit so creating ocs are out

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    sooooo two new OC's huh

    one the old goddess of wrath and love before princess cadence was crowned it she's sadistic and lovely at the same.
    two a colt who went unconscious suddenly waking up to have time break abilities.

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    my little brother got robbed

    it looks like he did just god damn it why can't anyone just not rob somebody fuck it i wish my brother was more aware damn it it pisses me off

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    so i have four new OC's that i made today

    but i don't know what back story to give them

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canterlot's special guard files 1 (i'm back with bios) · 1:08pm Jun 22nd, 2020

Name: ruby Petal
Age:15 currently (could be older)
Sex: female
description: ruby petal is a 15 year old earth pony with black hair with dark red tips at the end of each strand. with no back ground what so ever. who appeared in the canterlot castle by unknown methods upon waking up she freaked out over her own body like she was surprised as multiple guards approach on her location upon being questioned on what she was doing here in the castle she was confused on what was said. now that's out of the way let's get on with the interesting when we detained her she had a custom made scythe the could become smaller when not in use she was also able to move at high speeds turning into rose petals being an earth pony and all, we asked her why and how has she has these things she just said where she's from everyone has one. when we asked her to clarify she said everyone has a weapon and a semblance, we than asked her what was a semblance she looked confused than paled at the realization of the situation than she answered the question i have the interrogation here let me play it captain gild cage out.

interrogation of Ruby Petal
date: 6/22/2020
shining armor: *enter's the room* hello my name is shining armor i'll be your interviewer of sorts, now what's your name little lady?

Suspect: the names Ruby ros- i mean Petal it's Ruby petal that is my name

Shining armor:what was she going to say rose? rosey? *he thought* now i got a couple of questions for you obviously now please answer them in any order. how did you appear in canterlot castle? do you know where you were born? what is that power you used while running away from the guards? and why did you run away from the guards?

Ruby petal: how i got their i don't know i was walking with my team when everything went black the next thing i know i was waking up with spears near my face. and of course i know where i'm born it's in patch a small island on remnant. that power you mean a semblance? how do you not know what a- *the suspect now realize what's going on staying silent for a few seconds before answering* well a semblance is the physical manifestation of your aura. aura is like i guess one of my friends say it like a force field or it's your soul made physical to protect you and do a bunch of things.

shining armor: hmmm so the super speed is your semblance this sounds like dark magic but it's not interesting i guess this will end the interview of suspect Ruby Petal captain shining Armor out. *recording stopped*

(so guys let me know if you like it

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