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REMINDER: · 10:58pm June 21st


You are exempt from this entirely if your dad is a complete and total asswipe (never force yourself to suffer just because someone is "family"), your father is not/has not been in the picture, if your parent does not want phone calls for any reason, or your father is no longer with us.

To that last party, you have my very sincerest, honest wishes for peace right now. It is my husband's first father's day without his dad. He's doing okay, and that was a complicated relationship. But I know it is still difficult to see others celebrating while you are hurting. So I raise a toast to all the fathers not with us today, and acknowledge how missed they are. Here's to you, and your dad.



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I made my dad a cake. :B

Or, I should say, I am in the process of making it, it's been around four hours now. D: I had no idea what I was getting into.

Mine is getting mead and bread in an hour. Viking father's day is go!

I have in fact am on the phone with him.

I legit haven't spoken to my dad in... shit, seven years? He kind of wrote himself out of the family, choosing instead to shack with friends and get drunk all day off of money he gets every month thanks to his father's investment in some oil fields. Any attempts at contact fail. He called my sister on her birthday last year, so... that's something.

Call your dad today, even if you have a strained relationship. Hell, especially if you have a strained relationship. Unless, as anon said, he was abusive or something like that, don't let him slip away. Nothing will change unless you make the effort. Do as I say, not as I do.

Poured a shot of whiskey, looked at his photo, and put Rush's Big Money on full volume.

~Skeeter The Lurker

I bought my dad a can of unsalted nuts. He loves unsalted nuts. He also has high-blood pressure.

never force yourself to suffer just because someone is "family"

You can't actually be the abuser in an abusive relationship unless you've found a way to make the abused ignore this advice. And that's why it's such good advice.

Mine has been gone for a few years, but we had a long and awful relationship. We didn't communicate for 20 years before he passed.

It does make it difficult at times. But I'm happy for others that do or did have good relationships with theirs.

I hope your father appreciates how awesome you are, Pencil. Have a good time.

What a father's day?

For Father's Day, our family had a barbecue. We had steak tips and grilled corn on the cob. I brought my cornhole set. My dad and I crushed all opposition. It was a good day.

For me, it's a holiday scarier than Halloween.
And for the same reason.
Some kid you don't know ringing your doorbell.

Author Interviewer

Cake actually happened, was good. :) Just a ton of work.

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