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An important day indeed... · 7:24am June 20th

Hello everybody.

Today is the longest day of the year, and the day when we thank Celestia for raising the sun every day without fail. It is also 10 years since Luna returned, who is now enjoying a well deserved retirement.

I wish you all a happy Summer Sun Celebration.

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Comments ( 34 )

Yay! Summer sun celebration! :D

Indeed. Keep an eye out for strange things.

alright! And let me know if something strange happens!

Looking good so far...

With no choas at all.

hope discord is not up to something... XD

Didn’t you hear? The summer sun celebration was abolished for the celebration of the two sisters. I think

Not in my neck of the woods it wasn't.

That’s odd. Then again a few days ago I was rewatching the end of newbie dash (I E making sure I could still feel confusion) when all of the sudden the camera pulled back and this voice said, “such pain. I must help.... deepen it.” Before revealing this giant crab robot thing.

Did someone say "chaos"?

Happy Summer Sun Celebration everypony!!:yay:

You know, this journey entry just gave me an epiphany, there's a Summer Sun Celebration,but is there a Celebration involving the Moon?

That's probably the Winter Solstice (the shortest day of the year).

It's also Sir Nigel Gresley's birthday.

It is also 10 years since Luna returned, who is now enjoying a well deserved retirement.

I still don't get it why Hasbro wanted that for Luna, she hasn't even ruled long enough like her older sister. :/

All the time before her banishment, which is at least 20 years.

Because, chaos isn't necessarily a bad thing. Just a little change, can mean the world.

It's a shame the show never thought of using it for a celebration where Luna raises the moon for it

I wish the show had this. I'll never be rude again

It's pretty clear that Thomlight wants you to stop messaging him. So stop.

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