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I'm just a brony that enjoys writing fics, likes drawing pones, an aspiring artist-- Nah, none of that ... Well, maybe I like drawing ponies... https://www.deviantart.com/mr-minati

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    Conscientious Waifu

    Just want to share a little shit post that I've been working on the last couple of days. I did an art piece for a Team Fortress 2 item "The Conscientious Objector".

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  • 176 weeks
    La Gargola/ Autumn Moon

    Hello everyone! Hope U all having a wonderful weekend,under the circumstances, and hope everything it's alright.

    Just wanted to share my two recent drawings I've made. It's been years since I drew digitally (I was used to drawing traditionally) and I'm quite happy with the results on these.

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    Together Forever

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    SMG (art display)

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    Open for art requests

    I am now open for request atm, willing to do some art for free if anyone is interested.

    I should mention that the art that I'm doing is traditional, some samples can be found on my profile so you can have an idea. Also, I will be drawing SFW stuff.

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Together Forever · 10:38pm Jun 19th, 2020

“Together forever… I can’t think of anything that they would want less”

Well this piece started as a request for Robipony who wanted a nerdy Chrysalis. It's the same request as Hippocratic Oath (here's their post). Sadly I didn't met their requirements quite :twilightsheepish: so I added some stuff to practice a little. I used the same perspective as my previous piece, but played more with the lighting a bit. Anyways, any feedback is much appreciated, and have a nice weekend!

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