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A goofy little miss that's here to write and draw to her heart's content. Her imagination doesn't know when to shut off.

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Feel Like Sharing Non-Pony Art · 2:32am Jun 19th, 2020

That okay with you? Okay. Here's stuff from my DeviantArt and Tumblr accounts. Keep in mind, some of these are several years old, so they're not as good as my current stuff.

I have more where this came from, but I think this is enough for now. Feel free to ask questions about any of them, I'd be happy to talk!

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Comments ( 4 )

My favorites are the flutter mouse, the dittos playing poker, which I feel like if you touched it up could be a poster you could sell at nerd conventions, And the cabbages.

The Pokémon ones amused me the most, though the various supermice are quite cool. And I do love seeing other video game characters get worked into Wreck-It Ralph.

I really like the Croconaw one! Was it done in pastels, or watercolors, or something else? I can't quite tell.

Also, in the one with the lightning marriage proposal, how did Felix get the lightning to do that? I don't remember any video game characters in the movie with lightning abilities, though it is the coolest proposal imaginable (and probably sent Sergeant Calhoun internally swooning, while on the outside being all aloof and like "Yeah sure, let's get hitched").

And lowkey the randomly materializing bowl of onions was so funny
It's the scourge of Pokemon and humans alike

EDIT: Forgot to add this before, but I'm pretty sure the multiverse has it out for cabbage merchants. :rainbowlaugh:

The "flutter mouse" is Apple. I've had him as a character since I was eight, and I'm always happy when people say they like him. I want to do more with him and the rest of the Super Rodent Squad.

Maybe someday I'll redo that Ditto picture to be of better quality...

I have a lot of Pokemon stuff (it was a major phase when I was in high school), it was hard to choose what I wanted to show you guys. I had to at least have a couple things with my main Poke-OC, Cindy (very creative name for a Cyndaquil, I know). She's a firecracker.

I think the Croconaw pic was just me playing around with the smudge tool on GIMP. It's been a while since I drew that, I can't remember many of the details of how I did that. Still, I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.

Funny story about the lightning thing--that was a result of me, lying in bed in the middle of the night, basically in a half-awake delirium because of a thunderstorm keeping me from sleeping, randomly thinking, "Is this how Felix proposed to Calhoun?"

I questioned that thought the next morning (how did I come to that thought and how the heck would he propose with lightning?), but the idea was so cool I couldn't resist. My dumb theory is that there is a game in the arcade that allows you to control the weather and he took advantage of that. Either that, or he's somehow related to Thor.

Cabbage Man's misfortune is my most favorite running gag ever, I take any excuse to shove him into any fictional universe I can.

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