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Are regular Ponies a Dying Thing? · 3:10am Jun 18th, 2020

Hey everyone, been a while. I haven't complained or ranted about something in a while, so here goes:

I wanted to address the growing number of Anthro and/ or Equestria Girls stories I keep seeing popping up on the site. Just looking in the feature box alone is enough to make me turn away. Am I alone here? I never really enjoyed those movies and I know everyone and their mom always tells me the later ones are better, but I can't forgive the first Equestrai Girls for being so bland and taking the complicated and magical world of Equestria and turning it into... highschool. :ajsleepy:

I just don't see the appeal. The whole reason this site and bronies exist in the first place was because of Friendship is Magic, and not Equestria Girls. It makes it even more frustrating because the latter wasn't a natural progression of the show, but a huge step backward and, if I'm being honest, their look in the films leaves a lot to be desired. Don't get me wrong, there are a few pony statues out there that make humanized ponies look amazing, but that's now how they look in those "films", not even close. They look like Bratz dolls! They will always look like Bratz dolls to me.

And, I want to make it clear that I won't shame anyone for liking something, but it sort of feels like an invasion of younger bronies who see Friendship is Magic as somehow inferior or something to ignore. You can do so much more with the show than you can with setting your entire story in just Equestria Girls so I just don't understand.

The funny thing is, all of this started ages ago when a number of people noted that they liked writing about humanized ponies because it was easier to describe things like hands and feet than it was for hooves and any other nuance that went with ponies.

To be fair, I don't know if that's still the case, but if so then put in some freakin' effort! It's not that hard to adapt a writing style for ponies and it makes everything so much more interesting than just saying that Twilight Sparkle has hands and magic because I said so.

I'm not even sure if I'm making any sense or if I'm being fair, but I just saw the state of the current feature box and I couldn't help myself. It's upsetting to see it bloated with all of this EQG stuff and 2nd person narrative driven stories when things could be so much more interesting.

Anyway, all I got for now. Time to go write. :twilightblush:

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I agree, mostly because I don't care for EG. I came here for ponies, not anthro ponies. It certainly feels like there are less and less straight pony fics being put out there.

Tbh, I've always been more of a traditionalist myself. I rarely read EqG fics, and I pretty much never read anthro. It's not that I hate either of them—they're just not the sorts of things I came here for.

For what little it's worth, the non-Mature featured list is mostly FiM fics right now. I think the ratio just varies naturally from day to day, honestly.

It's why my Children in Equestria group has very few rules but one is no anthro ponies lol.

Also, that makes me wish the feature box would display both of them instead of having to disable mature filters to see the other!

I wish there was a filter to not see EG fics when you're browsing. :ajsleepy:

I know everyone and their mom always tells me the later ones are better

The later ones are decent. The first one was decent. The shorts are an absolute dumpster fire. There are some strong positives about the movies, but yeah, it's still stupid to put them in high school because of Hasbro's half-assed merchandising.

Yeah, it'd be nice.

EG has one of the best written characters in the show, Sunset Shimmer, and one of the most sympathetic antagonists, Wallflower Blush. Rainbow Rocks was a fantastic movie. Apart from those three, I see no appeal in the setting. Anthro stories I've always avoided, but some of them I can tolerate. Human in Equestria stuff on the other hand I can't stand at all.

Additional filters for browsing stories would really be nice, because rather not see fics with, say, gore or non-con in them at all. Those are so far removed from what the show represented that it always makes me sad to see them.

Hm. I don't know that I've noticed that? But then, I don't know if I would have whether or not it was happening. I know I'm still finding plenty of non-humanoid horsewords to read here, at least.
(And some EQG ones; EQG is one of those things I've actually seen basically none of the canon material of and experienced mostly through fanfiction. There are some good ones out there, and many of them stray far from the highschool setting.)

Can't you just use "-#equestria-girls" in the filter bar? Or are you talking about something else?

Aaaand I think you proved just how little some of us know this website. Sheepish grin

Oh, heh, no problem. :)
(And I barely use the browse system myself (These days, I don't generally have to go out looking for ponyfic; it mostly finds me.), or even the story search function; I just remembered there was a tag system, knew that tag systems often have exclusion functions, and after some quick experimentation found what seemed to work here.)

It would be difficult to not notice them littering the site. :applecry:

That would be nice. To just not see stuff like that at all if you choose.

Oh, sorry.
Well, good luck to you, in your continued enjoyment of ponies despite the problems; not sure what else I can say, I'm afraid.

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