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Eye of the Beholder Trilogy, free on GoG right now. · 7:27pm June 17th

Never beat this one, but I did find an old copy of the first game as a tyke, and tried getting into it a few times.

Says something how new to both D&D and English I was, that I think I made... four Thieves, or something like that. Since I'd just played Thief 2 for the first time, and having four Gerath's in my party sounded super crazy awesome.

Anyway, if you've played Legend of Grimrock 1 or 2? Same type of deal. Dungeon crawl, hard as nails, you make a whole party, tile based movement. Really fun stuff, if you're in the right mood and have time on your hands.

Link. Offer valid for 48~ish hours.

Oh, and GoG is having this thing right now where you get a free GoG copy of Witcher 3, if you own it elsewhere already. (Except Switch, for tech reasons.) If you own it on GoG AND elsewhere, you'll even get a giftable copy. Very nice of them.

Link to article explaining it, since tis' a bit complexer then most giveaways.

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Comments ( 2 )

Thanks. I can finally get rid of my floppies.


Do yourself a favor and sell those in that case. Even the reprints and re-releases of Eye of the Beholder go for some decent dosh over on Ebay, as long as the condition is even semi-decent.

Not mind-bending bank, by any means, but at least 'a few more games next Steam sale' decent.

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