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  • 17 weeks
    It is done

    Traditional version before I make it shitty for the memes

    ”Quit poking me with that shit!”

    ”Get offa me then!”

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  • 17 weeks
    I need to be way more present on this account tbh

    I keep getting startled by my profile picture on here because I forget that this is also my account. I spend a shit ton of time on my Alt. But I am thinking of transferring some of my stories onto my other account as well!

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  • 25 weeks
    Another profile change because I have no life

    Apparently the name “Griffy” is already taken, so—

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  • 28 weeks
    Nom nom

    Griff is biscuit

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  • 32 weeks
    No one:

    Blu when his friends are posting like nine vent blogs about one drama:

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That’s Illegal · 3:08pm Jun 17th, 2020

*his eyes slowly blink open* “Woah... what happened?”

*lying on top of him* “Good morning, sleepy head!”

*he realizes they’re both in bed* “You... what did you do?”

”Wouldn’t you like to know~?”

”Oh... oh god, ew! Okay— funny joke, but—“

”I’m not joking.”

”No... no, not with you!

”Hehe. Yes. With me.”

*sigh* “How?

”You ate too much lust.”

”And now, I have the overwhelming urge to take a shower.”


“I can’t move.”

”So I guess the medication really did work!”

”Ocellus, no! I thought you said I ate too much l—“

*hugs him tightly* “I lied.”

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“Guess that makes both of you then.”

Pulls out a a nickel back album


Um... you need help there, Oculus?

“I feel like eating a bar of soap right now.”

“Yes... please... help me.

"Hello, this is Sunlight Assistance Services, how may I help you?"

“I’m being held captive.”

“No, you’re not!”

”She’s deflecting.”

“I know. If I weren’t so set on getting out of here and booking it to the nearest shower, I’d say the same thing.”


"Alright, stay on the line please. Assistance will arrive shortly."

*2 minutes later*

(Banging on the door) Open up! SAS!

”He’s my boyfriend!”

”That doesn’t make any of this legal!”

"Ma'am, if you don't open this door, we'll force ourselves in!"

You can't make me!

"Alright, we're going in! Three, two, one, breach!" *door bashes open against the wall*

"Nu! You'll never take me away from my Senpai!"

"Your what?"

"I knohohoooow!"


*tears Ocellus off of Oculus and subdues her* "Suspect is under custody! Hostage is safe!"

"Ooooow!!! You're mean!"

"Ocellus... I feel pins and needles... what kind of pill did you feed me...?"

"I dunno. I told the bug in the back alley to surprise me."


"Hostage is under potential drug poisoning. Moving him to the hospital. Suspect is secured and is being transported to the police station."

Hey don’t make me hit you with a rolled up newspaper

"I think I'm dying..."

"See you later~!"

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