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Soldering is magic · 1:24am June 17th

Solider up a filter and some lights for DDR. Here's a test.

Since it seems to have worked, I'm gonna go find some higher powered LEDs and lenses, and turn it into a real lighting solution. Still contemplating also wiring up the Lights driver that Stepmania ships with. Get some game based outputs to go with the audio driven outputs.

Anyway. I'm also working on trying to get a fics out for Pride month. Wish me luck.

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Comments ( 4 )

Soldering irons are magic. I just figured out I can use mine to make incisions in glass that I'd be worried about using a dremel for - not nearly as cool as this, but it's something I'm really happy to have learned.

Your good luck on finishing it this month would be our good luck in getting to read it. Here's best wishes for everyone, then.

Glass etching? That’s pretty cool. I didn’t consider using mine to do that. It’s an old school 20 watt thing I used in college lab class. I don’t know it can even melt glass, but it got the job done today.

Looking closely, I could have done a better job on the caps and some of the leds. They stick out more than I’m happy with.

I do hope to get enough of a story to post this month. Work is being really f***y with the schedules I keep, so this week is the best chance I’ll have to do something useful.

Thanks for the “good luck”!

Author Interviewer

niiiice :D

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