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Torture of a Night Owl · 6:33pm June 16th

~Torture of a Night Owl~

by SunlightRays

Night Owl
It hoots through the night, flying through dense woods

Night Owl
Through its solitary darkness, it glides between leaves and branches

Night Owl
It carries the weight of all the stars and the Moon on its thin, fragile wings.

Night Owl
I scream at it to stop, to pause its flight and take a break.

Night Owl
But it never stops riding the air, afraid that harsh winds will break and tear its wings.

Night Owl
Night after night, it carries out its duties, flying back and forth through the woods, never stopping for a break or a rest.

Night Owl
It never stopped gliding through the midnight air, flying and turning until time itself held it still.

Night Owl
Now it rests beneath a pine tree, having finally gotten the rest it deserved so much for so long.

Night Owl
May the nights carry on where thee failed.

Written by me in under 20 minutes while under the influence of sleep deprivation. Another reason not to stay up until 3:30 in the morning, folks.

Based on how I feel about my current situation. May everyone have sweet dreams and a good night's sleep.

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Comments ( 13 )

Wow. I suck at poetry so.. GOOD JOB!

Nice job my friend, nice job

Heh, much thanks. :twilightsmile: And yes, 3:30 a.m. does make you do things you usually wouldn't do... :raritycry::facehoof:

Why does this make me think of Owlowliscious?!

Huh, I wasn't intending to give Owlowliscious vibes here, but I ended up doing so anyway. But yeah, both he and I are night owls; the only difference is that one is his inherent instinct while the other is forced to be one.

Nature did not intend for you to be up all night, but apparently it happens. :facehoof:

Would you believe me if I told you that I pulled two all-nighters in a time span of one month, with countless going-to-bed-at-5-in-the-morning in between? Because that's my high school life.

*Cue epic fail trumpet sound effect* wah wah wah wah! I've been waking up at 3 am recently. No idea why.

At least you've been going to bed early. Although, I do feel your pain. It's not fun when you go to bed only to wake up in the middle of the night but can't go back to sleep and have to wait for the Sun to come up instead.

Sunbutt, if you're going to wake me up, do it when you're actually out of bed! I'm not a night owl and waking me up this early is going to drive me to lunacy! (Sorry Princess Luna)

Sunbutt, why can't you ever let me catch a decent amount of sleep? Dearest Sun, you bring life and awake all your creations on Earth, but to me, your rays are callous and deadly. Under your glaring rays, I am forced to open my eyes, never unable to catch a decent amount of sleep.

When I need forty winks, I only end up with thirty two. How annoying.

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