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  • 2 weeks
    Took like 3 months for this pic

    Meet Kat the Pegasus and Eridani the unicorn, Six’s twin fillies

    Pics ( from top down ) by tizhonolulu and By sutekinamimi on discord

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  • 27 weeks
    Let me try this again

    Okay so Radience… my destiny story with our favorite bug. Needless to say I did not like where it was going. I fell into the trap of telling instead of showing, suddenly exposition dumping a lot without time to explore and stuff. I have taken to unpublishing chapters 3 and 4 since those are the problem ones.

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  • 28 weeks
    Two things

    Number one: New Noble Shadow Chapter tomorrow after I finish my English Communication Exam

    Number Two (for those who liked A Nobles Heat) : 3064694 I recommend using incognito mode :raritywink:

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  • 32 weeks
    Six got her Crown

    Img by Sould_Out_Fan#6871 from discord or https://www.fimfiction.net/user/165623/ProjectRabbid on fimfic. Man was bored and wanted to draw Six, needless to say all hail the Queen of the Halo tag

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  • 32 weeks
    Do I get bragging rights now?

    Because I appear to now own 3 of the Six (ironic) top spots on the halo tag

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Daybreaker be like · 12:29pm Jun 16th, 2020

Update soon
Also thank you all for the 401 likes and 20k views Total OH MA DAYBREAKER!

Report LSTS Connor · 407 views · Story: My little Sunspot · #Update #Daybreaker
Comments ( 5 )

Look forward to name six and/or spike giving sunbutt death glare for what she's doing to Daybreaker

I just realized... Why the heck did they premake crowns and shoes for going evil? How else would they get them right away?

Its a good story. Hope the comment section gives you inspiration :twilightsmile:
Please dont forget Spke when the mane 6 go for a visit our poor DB filly.

I have just one sentences for this picture. I want you to sit there and think of the phrasing of it and all the different meaning it could have!

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