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Welcome! I enjoy writing fictions based upon the the human side of MLP, that both contain normal and erotic content. I hope you enjoy!

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I can't believe it's summer... · 10:55pm June 15th

Hello folks!

Hey, it's been sometime since I last wrote here. Wow.

I just wanted to give you guys an update on what's been happening. Quite, frankly? Not alot. Working as usual and due to the world-wide pandemic my place of employment, aka; retail. Has been busier than ever, so I apologize for that my lovelies.

It's hard work and yet, I can't believe we're all already in the middle of the year, well, nearly. It's summer time and the whole world is going crazy. Geez! Protests and Viral outbreaks and lockdowns. Wow! Can 2020 just end already, I mean, I want a refund!

Anyway, I'm not gonna bore you guys with any of that stuff. The important thing, is that you guys are okay.

Yes, I am concerned for the well-being of you guys during these crazy times and I hope you all continue to be safe during this entire ordeal, I'll do my best; don't worry.

I have two new stories ready to go but my lappy died and I had to restart and no, I didn't have a backup so... ugh... there's going to be abit of a delay, but i'll try and re-write what I can and get something up whenever I'm able.

So as usual, thanks for bearing with me and putting up with my lame ass. I appreciate you all so much, you've no idea. I love when you guys read my stuff and enjoy it. Makes me smile!

Let me know what you guys been up too and how're you're doing during this entire ordeal. I'm going to send my love your way, so use it as a shield and keep safe, we're almost through it! :heart: :twilightsmile:

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Comments ( 4 )

We're only at the halfway point of 2020, and I want the Coronavirus Arc to end already! XD

Work's been super draining for me too. After every shift I just wanna melt and forget everything else .

Yeah, tell me about it. The heat is crazy, and even when it's not sunny; it's humid and sticky. Ugh, awful!

Also I laughed at that. The Coronavirus Arc!! :rainbowlaugh:

zwaph #3 · June 19th · · ·

Things are going alright. I'm doing great, hanging out with friends on a fresh air. Overall: In Good Standing. :raritywink:

Nice one Zwaph! I'm glad you're doing awesome my friend! Continue to keep up that good standing! :twilightsmile:

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