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  • 59 weeks
    10 Years of MLP:FiM

    Here we are. 10 years since the show aired its first episode, and since then has assembled a community of fans with a dedicated love for the show, including myself. I've only been apart of the fandom for three of those years, but I'm glad that I joined late rather than never because, just as it has with many others, the show changed my life.

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  • 66 weeks
    Small update on things

    Hi! Just thought I'd make a post on how my life in the milky way galaxy has been. I'll start by saying sorry for the inactivity this past month. I wanted to take a step back because of the whole free speech drama, since I was afraid that because of it, my stories would fall under the radar. Though from what I can see, the air has mostly cleared, so I feel better about posting stories now. I don't

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  • 71 weeks
    Screenshots of a game I'm making

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  • 72 weeks
    Woah, a feature...

    My first attempt at writing comedy got featured? Kewl! Thanks readers!

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  • 75 weeks

    Ya know, for some reason I feel like this might be a little bit wrong...

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Hmm... · 5:12pm Jun 15th, 2020

Ya know, for some reason I feel like this might be a little bit wrong...

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YouTube Syndrome is spreading at a rapid pace, everyone protect your websites

I mean Youtube Syndrome is making fimfiction look hella popular so maybe its a positive :rainbowlaugh:

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