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Brony since 2011. More of an artist, but slowly making my way into becoming a better author too! Known for Age of the Alicorns and Flurry Heart's Story.

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    Quick update for Villains Anonymous Ch 5

    Just a quick little update: I added 2 new pictures to the final chapter of Villains Anonymous. I was taking too long to get some illustrations ready for it and wanted to have the chapter finished and the story complete so I did it without any pictures, but I have them ready now.

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"Elements Assemble" finished! "Cheesy as Pie" next! · 1:21am Jun 14th, 2020

It's been 2 months since I started the Flurry Heart's Story series with the pilot episode, "Elements Assemble" and today I've finally posted the last chapter! I'm really happy with all the comments you guys have left and I'm happy to see it's given the same feel that the official show does. I like writing my episodic MLP fics to be styled after the show and there will be plenty more like that!

For a basic rundown of what has happened: Since Elements Assemble is the pilot, Flurry has officially started her summer-long arc, and the next few episodes will introduce her to her new group of friends that the Teacher Six spoke of in chapter 7. They will be the sort of "next-gen" Mane Six and will be the main characters of the show. Tirek, Cozy Glow, and Chrysalis will all have their own arcs going on throughout this series. I think I've made it no secret that I want to redeem all three of them (I am still saddened by them being turned to stone at the end of the show), but how that happens and what prompts them to do so will remain a mystery. It's definitely not going to be easy reforming them. They will still have enough time to be a villain once again and at least one of them is going to take quite a while to redeem, but I'm not saying who just yet. That's for you guys to speculate. We will also see the rest of the Mane Six make their returns for the next few stories, all in very unique ways.

Speaking of which, the next story is called "Cheesy as Pie" and as you can tell by the title, it's about Pinkie Pie and Cheese Sandwich and it will also introduce Flurry to the Cake Twins and give them personalities. Since Pinkie and Cheese are an official canon couple in "The Last Problem", this story is about Cheese trying to propose to her while Flurry, Pound, and Pumpkin try to help out. It's gonna be pretty darn cute for sure! :3

One last thing, for anyone who was trying to follow the link for the "You'll Never Be Alone" song in the author's note in Chapter 9, I accidentally set the link as restricted for those with permission only, but I updated it now and the song is accessible to anyone that follows the link. I heard a few bars of the chorus in that song in my head while waking up one morning late last year. Just like magic, I came up with the rest of it on my own and eventually wrote the lyrics. It's very dear to me and I really want to see if I can make a finalized version of it someday and enlist a musician and fan VAs to help out. I think it has a lot of potential to be a great song for the fandom!

Well that's all for now guys. Before I go, if you are interested in reading some character bios or looking at some artwork I've made of all the characters in this story, you can find it all in this folder on my Deviant Art. Be warned that there may be spoilers since there are some characters in there that have yet to be introduced, but you are free to look if you are curious. They don't include any major plot points or game-changing events:

General art
Character bios

That's all for now and thank you for all your feedback! I'm super excited to continue this series! :D

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Yeah. Thanks immensely for that heads-up. Most certainly looking forward to THAT short story. :-D

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