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When you were a kid... · 12:00am Jun 14th, 2020

Did you used to run around in like Macy’s or Sears with hangers and pretend they were guns or something stupid like that, or hide in those circular clothes racks? I know I did.

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Me too! I did that a lot. and more...

Yeah, this rabbit hole goes deep. But it sure as heck was fun

I did the latter.

I didn't do that, precisely, but I did something, arguably, even better. You know those tough-stitched plushes that are almost like rocks? The one I mean looked kinda like this. So, I always was into military things, at the age or 12 I already could tell you what's different about T-72 and T-72A, B or U. When I was 16 I could disassemble and put back together a rifle, only in 50 seconds too. But the incident I talk about didn't happen at that age, I was 7... I think. So, you see these squirrel here? Well, my elementary school we had a huge collection of soft toys donated by parents over the years and there was this squirrel. So, here's the Israeli-built TAR-21 rifle and I really liked playing mock war with other kids, in those rare times when they did not hate me at least. You see what I am saying?

I hid in the clothes and pretended I was a ghost. Yeah I remember I did that

Yeah, that stuff was fun

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