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    I finally got my laptop up and running. My internet is still extremely shitty dorm internet right now, but hopefully, it will get just a bit faster. I can still write, though. Hurrah. Now that I've done that, below I will have updates on all the stories and how much I progressed on them over the summer. I also have some very nice contest results right below the break and in the tagged

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  • Saturday
    B r u h

    I’m pretty sure I’ve used every genre tag this site has except the crossover tag.

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  • 2 weeks

    (Also, I got some commissions done.)

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  • 2 weeks
    It’s back!

    I have resumed writing my Sunset poetry story, Atychiphobia! I have also reformatted previous chapters because there were some inconsistencies. If you downloaded the story, I would suggest doing so again to get the cleaner version.

    Expect more updates on this story and others shortly.

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  • 3 weeks
    Something I've Always Been Curious About

    (But never asked my followers before . Though, I'll do now for fun.)

    please don't destroy this blog :C

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Psst, hey kid, want some stories? · 7:32pm June 13th

...No, I'm not opening commissions. This is for someone else. Lucky Seven (who also has regular commissions open) and kairipancakes (who does art commissions) are moving, and if you donate just over $9 to Seven's Kofi, he'll write you a story. Holy is also having folks who donate get their story ideas voted on, with the most voted idea getting their story written for free. That's pretty hecking good, especially if you have been strapped for cash but really crave some horsewords.

Also, Monochromatic's discord server is hosting a Pride and Positivity event. You should check it out here and find out how a positive LGBT fic can make some charity happen.

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Comments ( 2 )

"Mommy! A strange stallion offered me stories today. He seemed really nice though!"
"Coconut Cream! What did I tell you about talking to strangers?"
"I'm sorry. But Mommy..."
"No buts. If you want stories you'll have to go the old fashion way: the library."
"But ever since Princess Twilight arrived all the stories were replaced by history books."
"*gasp* Where did you find this stallion?"

They're all organic, I swear!

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