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Opening up a Ko-Fi · 4:40pm June 13th

Hey, everyone! Sorry for the lack of real updates in recent weeks. I'll explain everything below the break, including my brand new Ko-Fi page!

About a month ago, I helped out a friend who was, at the time, about to be homeless. I invited him up to our apartment with my wife and I, and he's been here since. He's a very good guy, and I absolutely love having him around.


Our apartment complex sucks. My original plan was to tell them we'd have a visitor, which I did. We got the OK, and we thought we were good. I had had an appointment set up to renew our lease for that Friday, and I woke up that morning ready to go and even add him to the lease. Then I got a text in my phone. It was the apartment complex, telling me our lease renewal appointment was cancelled, and we had to be out at the end of our lease.

I called and asked why, and was told that they aren't required to disclose that information. Fair enough, I get it.

Anyways, we go ahead and apply for a few places. One of them is a house, which contacts our office. They told the person leasing the house out that we:

- Have an illegal occupant, even though he was cleared to stay.
- Have a dog that we shouldn't have. She is an emotional support animal certified by my wife's MD, that they have the certificate for.
- Make loud noise all hours of the night. I work at 8 AM and go to sleep at 10 typically, as do my wife and friends, so this is nonsense. We literally had the cops called on us when we were all asleep.

These issues, coupled with the non-renewal, meant we basically had no shot at an apartment because this complex was going to feed that crap to anyone we tried to rent from.

Yet somehow, by some miracle, we've found a nice three bedroom apartment. It's $820/m and even allows our dog to be with us without the need for medical documentation.

In short, our current complex is horrible and I hope none of you live there somehow.

To that end, I've decided to open up a Ko-Fi page to help make moving costs cheaper for us, and let us get settled in. Obviously it's not required that you donate anything, but I'd be very appreciative.

If you donate 3 cups, the equivalent of $9, I'll even write a story about whatever you want once I'm settled into the new place with internet, or my wife will draw you a nice piece of art! And you'll also earn a spot on my page as someone who has helped me through a tough chapter in my life.

Here's the link, for anyone interested.

If you do happen to donate 3 or more cups, just DM me here with a receipt to show proof and we'll get to working on whatever you would like.

You guys have a great day!

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Comments ( 2 )

Wow... that apartment is an A-hole

donated one cup.. wish i could do more, but already in the red. hope you guys make it :twilightsmile:

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