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  • Today
    Update: I am a stupid.

    Guess the who heckin' forgot that he changed his password?

    Dis boi right 'ere.

    I am the stupid. :V

    Now I can hoard cakes again.

    yay that means I don't need to buy more plushies to keep playing still

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  • Today
    My Webkinz account got purged. ;-;

    Haven't bought a new plushie in years, but I still dropped in and played every few months. I guess "activity" to Ganz means buying a new plush and registering it.

    So anyway, my Webkinz account that I've had since like 2nd grade no longer exists. Yay 2020. :V

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  • Wednesday
    This song gives me chills.

    I liked the original that came out last year, but this acoustic version is next level.

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  • Wednesday
    Thinking of revisiting my Youtube channel.

    I threw together a quick intro clip. :V

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  • Tuesday

    Prepare your butts. New cover art incoming.

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Aw yeh, we're back! · 4:18pm June 13th

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Don’t worry guys, Derpy has it covered

She fixed it even though she didn't know what went wrong

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