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Claus Becomes Genderbent (Pride Month) · 3:17pm Jun 11th, 2020

"Oh, come on out, you beautiful furry! It's not that bad!"

"Get out of my life, already..."

"C'mon! We all wanna see you!"

"No, you don't."

"We're all celebrating pride month. You're lucky we're not making you turn human for this."

*groans and walks out of his dorm*

(His hair is slightly longer, his body is slimmer than usual, and his chest is more, ah, fully formed. Also, he has longer eyelashes...)

*gasp* "Awwww!"

"You're so cute!"


"...Cool, I-I guess..."

*tsundere dragon noises*

"Yona like Claus as a girl! Fits him well!"

"I hate you all..."

"It's your punishment for being late to celebrate pride month. Go, trans girl Claussen!"

"It's not even like that. You always knew I could shapesh-"

"Shut up. I like it."

Comments ( 13 )

"Wait... Claus can get pregnant?"

"Aw, hell-"

Welp... That was weard...

What in the holy fuck am I seeing!?

"They wanted me to turn into my furry biped form so I could turn female."

"Aww! Who's my fuzzy wuzzy little female polar bear?" *she cuddles up to her, rubbing her fur* "You are! You are!"

*bursts out laughing* "No! Nohohoooo! Don't start!"

Oooooook I’m gonna leave now enjoy yourself

"Noooooo! They're gonna--"

"Quiet, you~"

Your on your own I’m sorry

"AAAAAAAAAAAAA! Nohohoooo!!!!"

*they all proceed to belly rub pile*

Welp, looks like we've stepped upon another site of friendship building.

Indeed. They're so sweet, aren't they?

Yup. *smiles while watching from afar* *takes out camera and takes a photo*

"W-What the eheheeeelll!? Help meee!!!"

Eh, all seems fine and dandy to me. *chuckles* I'll give you the photograph later!


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