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So I'm Kinda Sick I Guess · 2:59am June 11th

...and maybe a little scared too.

Totally not losing it at all!

Heavy fatigue, head rushes, anxiety, occasional dizziness, total inability to concentrate (I have had a hard time getting anything at all done over the past month or two, hence my slow output here even though I'm off in the Summer), low BP, and a remarkably high heart rate. I've had these symptoms for a month, maybe two months (can't recall) but the BP and heart rate I only discovered a week ago after I ordered a BP cuff out of sheer curiosity. When I sit at my computer I have to recline way back in my chair. My appetite is poor. I'm very tired. I did manage to do two panels for PonyFest, though, and I'm amazed I made it through both of them.

I saw the doctor today. EKG was weird, but not "immediate hospital time" weird. I'm getting a referral to cardio. I did blood work and am surprised that I still haven't been contacted about the results, nor have they shown up in my online chart, but probably tomorrow.

Sorry I'm not responding to people or chatting or stuff. I literally do not have the energy. :ajsleepy:

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Comments ( 24 )

Sounds like it really sucks, man. You have my sympathy

Oof. Sorry Trick!

I hope you get some news soon, Trixie. Stay safe and know that we're here for you!

Oh no! Get well soon! And good luck with your tests!

Hope you start feeling better soon

Hope things go well mate, you'd be surprised how simple a solution those symptoms could have. But definitely take all the rest you can, stay hydrated etc, hopefully the docs will have an idea sooner than later.

Oh dear... please take care of yourself and I hope the doctor can get a handle on whatever is causing this all!

Well, that was like 1/2 year ago. That it isn't related looks like a terribly conspicuous coincidence. Were doctors ping-ponging you all that time?

Praying for you, hope you get better :heart:

I think it's likely effects from long-term use of omeprazole and SNRI meds, in which case another Rx might be all I need. But we'll see.

Good Luck.

Hope you feel better.

Good luck! We're rooting for you!

Hope you feel well soon.

Oh, dear. I really hope your health improves, Trixie. Good luck!

Here's hoping it's a simple fix.

Sorry to hear that... Good luck.

Good luck!

Best wishes!


Oof, yeah that would definitely explain it. My ex-boyfriend was on omeprazole but he was nervous about taking it because of potential interactions/long term side effects. At least if that is the case, getting back on track won't be as hard. Still, good luck with the evolving situation, many well wishes.

You don't catch a break do you girl.

Have you tried replacing omeprazole with famotidine?

If it's for gastric reflux, there's an herbal blend which I've found very helpful called, um, I can't remember the name now and haven't got any, but I can find out. It is however quite expensive ($90 / month), and may kill you if you're taking warfarin, because it has lots of licorice root.

(Fun fact: Small doses of licorice root can kill you if you're taking warfarin. Much herbal tea has licorice root. None of the doctors who've monitored my warfarin ever warned me of this.)

It doesn't appear the omeprazole is at fault. We're still trying to figure out what the hay is going on. I'm scheduled for a heart ultrasound and a monitor I'll be wearing for a short while.

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