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    Who's got Discord?

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    Formerly known as Brony1984.

    Just a heads up for my followers, who know me as Brony1984. My new name for the site is...


    No particular reason, I just felt like a change of pace.

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A Second Chance now on AO3 · 7:27pm Jun 10th, 2020

Hey, everyone.

Just a little update. I'm now posting A Second Chance on AO3.

So now I'm posting on three sites - FimFiction.net (obviously), Fanfiction.net, and Archive of Our Own - all under the same profile name: Brony1984.

That is all. Have a good day and stay safe. 😷

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Comments ( 4 )

Does that then imply that a new chapter is incoming? Because I for one would LOVE to read it if so!


I haven't written the next chapter yet, BUT, it's definitely at the forefront of my mind. I've been getting the itch to start writing again, and I just recently went back through the previous chapters, editing and revising where needed.

I will not give a date of when chapter 6 will come, because I don't want to get everyone's hopes up. Just know, that while I have other ideas to get to, continuing this story is near the top of my list.

Well, I eagerly anticipate finding out what happens with Godzilla and company, whenever the next chapter is ready :twilightsmile:

Hell yeah!

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