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'I like the red water that comes out of my finger...' ~Salad Fingers

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    Deleted Blog: Confusion...

    Confusion... Was in danger of being seen by some family members(and possibly friends), so I deleted it. Thanks to all of you who have given me some advice. Before deleting, I made sure to write down what everyone said in code (your long paragraphs have crippled my poor hand, as well as the fact that I had to code it so my nosy sister(s)/brother(s) wouldn't understand what was

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  • Friday
    AI Dungeon

    Sup. Anyone wanna play a game where you write out a story with other people? I'm no good at descriptions lol. You just go with a story prompt, and other people (or just you and a computer) can play. If you want to play with me, here is the link:


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  • Thursday

    Wow, I came to check on things for lunch and it was really busy! Business, people. Thank you. I haven't gotten over 3 notifications since like May or June.


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  • Tuesday
    All is Fair in Love and War -The Book of Bad Advice #2

    So when you learn the heartbreaking truth- Your lover is seeing someone else- give both of 'em a nice visit with a baseball bat. (Or the death ray that you built with lemons in the previous section) Because who would make such advice/quotes without having a reason?

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  • Monday
    How To Weird Out Salad Fingers

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Shoutout · 7:46pm June 8th

Hey, I met a really cool person guys, consider seeing their page:
Midnight Sparkles

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Comments ( 3 )

Hey ruby! Just wanted to tell you that my name has changed! my new user name is now Pinkie Party Pie! everything is still the same!
Incase you don't know about that. btw, you are one of the coolest people I ever seen.:yay:

I got confused for a second, and then I realized who you were :P

Thanks, but you're waaay better, I think.

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