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Pride and Positivity Event · 5:54pm June 8th

Helloooo everyone!

I am here once again to signal-boost a super cool event being hosted by a few friends with the goal of celebrating positive LGBT/Pride fics in this the month of Pride! Not only that, but for each fic submitted, they’ll donate to charity! Here is their main statement/info/whathaveyou:

Hey FimFiction!

It's Pride Month, and people need positivity now more than ever, so we're holding an event where you write a Pride-positive fic. We're calling this,


This can mean many things, including showcasing the LGBT+ aspect of one or more characters, exploring discrimination, or even writing a ship fic with a same sex pairing. We also encourage intersectionality! If you want to incorporate race, mental health, etc. then please do!

Positivity is the name of the game here, so the story should be positive in the end. It can be sad for a while, but there should be a happy ending.

The story doesn't have to be complete. Related to the above, that does mean you can leave us on a nasty cliffhanger! Just let us know it'll turn out fine.

We encourage a maximum rating of T.

Optional: To brighten up FimFiction's front page, you can include a Pride flag in the cover art, or in the description. You can see many here, or you can use a variant flag like the Progress Pride flag.

Optional: Stretch outside the bounds of what you usually write! If you've never written a trans character, try it out now. And so on. If you ask, we'll try to offer a sensitivity reader to look over your work. PM SigmasonicX about that.

Now here's the exciting part. For each submitted fic, we'll donate $20 to a charity of your choice from one of these lists!

Black Lives Matter - Where to Donate
Support Black People MasterDoc

The latter especially frontloads LGBT funds and charities. PM SigmasonicX your story and a link to your chosen charity. He'll message you back with the donation receipt.

Make sure to include the above links in the description of your fic and encourage readers to donate! You can do this with a story you already published this June, and we'll still donate.

We'll be donating until the end of June, but feel free to keep making stories after.

So to sum up:

  • Write a positive Pride fic! Doesn't have to be complete, max rating of T. You can also submit an already published fic from this month.
  • With each fic, we'll donate $20 to a charity of your choice from either Black Lives Matter - Where to Donate or Support Black People MasterDoc.
  • Add those links to the description of your story and encourage readers to donate.
  • We'll be donating until the end of June.

So there you have it! A super cool event for a super cool cause! Please signal boost if you can, and definitely go check them out and participate if you are able to!

Here is their link once again.



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Comments ( 12 )

Thanks Mono! I meant to have a story ready to start things off, but life got in the way. Hopefully I'll have it soon. And yes, I would have donated too once I posted it.

As mentioned, this also applies retroactively to this month. If you published a Pride fic already, then message me and I'll get a donation set up!

I wish I'd known this was coming; I would have saved Las Pegasus for it!

Oh well. I'll see about getting more fics in!

R5h #3 · June 8th · · ·

This is interesting, and I'm glad you're promoting it! I'll have to see if I can think of something.

Huh. It took me a moment to recall if I've ever actually written a straight ship in this fandom. (I have, but it still took me a moment.) I may get in on this.

Woo! It's really happening! Thank you to everyone organizing!

...Boring :trollestia:

This is a great idea!! For so many reasons, some positivity in our lives, especially during an especially chaotic Pride month, is brilliant.
I already took a peak at some of the groups to donate to, and I actually have a fic that I've been working on for years about AJ coming to terms with her sexuality (also features Big Mac in drag), and this might be just the push I need to get it finished.

I just got some exciting news! For every submitted fic, Lord Camembert will donate $10 to the Transgender Law Center, and his company will match that donation, meaning $20 per fic. That means every fic will result in $40 of donations!

I is busy making a pride themed video :/
But I’ll see ^^’, If have time likely just make a simply lesbian fluff fic with a little self doubt conflict z although if this could exstend to non-pony fan fiction id have some ideas from the owl house

Welp... No way out for me now! time to get brainstorming 🧠

This event is restricted to FimFiction, alas, so unless it's a crossover, a The Owl House fic wouldn't apply. A short and fluffy lesbian fic is perfectly fine, though.

Got something I would love a proof-reader for. A sort of underrated ship pair if you (or anyone) be interested in proof reading

Sure, I'd be willing to help out. Message me the story.

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