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More Princess art! · 5:46pm June 6th

Owing to the positive reception of the Princess Cadence blogpost, here's some art of the other Princesses in the same style;

(This look familiar, Jimmy?)

(Newest princess, smallest skirt)

Any pieces you think I missed?

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Comments ( 13 )

Celestia is SO pretty.

That's a personal favourite of mine. I may have a soft spot for big ballgowns...

Celestia is elegant and beautiful
Luna is so precious and cute
Twilight seems to give off that vibe of young new princess like one could see in some Disney films

Which is why I picked it.

Cheers. Misty Rose drew my attention to it.

and an excellent pick you made

Wow! They look cute!:rainbowkiss:

These are some of my personal favourites. It's the visual style I use in my human Equestria stories.

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