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Honeymoon Cuddle Buddies: Sandbar · 8:08pm Jun 5th, 2020

*both Sandbar and Oculus lay in bed, and the colt is lying in the changeling’s arms while he uses his chitiny chest as a pillow.*

*happy turtle boy noises*

*he smacks his lips a little*

”You’re feeding.”


”I’ve always had this question in my mind; if Ocellus thinks feeding’s so rude, how come you do it?”

“Cause I don’t care. I’m hungry, dude.”



*he starts humming and tapping on Oculus’ shoulder* ”I was making Japanese, and he’s watching DVD’s...”

*smiles* ”...In Oakland, In Oakland.”

”That song’s catchy, you know.”

“Glad I introduced you.”


”Hey, have you actually been human all this time? Or changeling?”

“That’s a good question. Actually, I spent most of my life going back and forth from Equestria to the human world.”

”Then... Then, how did you and Ocellus grow up together?”

“I can warp time. Either that, or it’s just nonsensical skit logic.”

”I’ll go with the latter.”

“Come to think of it, it’s most likely why I haven’t been going to the friendship school. Usually, I have this whole Ichigo From Bleach thing where each time I switch worlds, something else takes over my body and acts for me.”

”I don’t know how to feel about that...”

“Then don’t.”




“I’m not a clone.”

”Okay, thanks.”

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"Let's just go with the logic that I was never human, or something."

These just get better!

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