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Heartache and Black Lives Matter · 7:21pm Jun 5th, 2020

I am seeing first hand the pain and heartache over what has happened, and the underlying injustice that has allowed this to happen over and over again.

My heart is wrenched when I see the anger, hurt, and terror we are all feeling and experiencing.

But I realize, there are two open hearted responses to this. Both are heart felt. Both are valid. But both are not useful in this moment.

Me too. And What about Me.

I am disabled. I cannot do what many think I should be able to do, and I suffer for that. Not just in negative opinions, but physically, emotionally, economically, and actually. I am right and justified to feel a share of anger against this. This is What about Me.

It is right. I am justified to feel it. But this is Not the moment for my pain. This is not my moment.

Anything I do out of What about Me, however just or righteous, takes away from what is really important, in this moment, at this time.

Black Live Matter. That is a Positive statement. It is not saying anything about other lives. It IS saying something that needs to be said, something that is so true, it shouldn't need to be said - but it does, so here we are. Black Lives Matter.

It was explained to me in a way I can understand - I am a father. I'm on a plane. We are at 30,000 feet. The cabin just lost pressure. The masks have dropped. We have moments to react. I really need to get my mask on, or I might die. My 3 year old is next to me, she needs her mask too. Both lives matter. But guess what? Her need is in This moment. She cannot get what she needs unless I do something about it. Not in the near future. Not is some better time, when I am more comfortable or better equipped to help. Now. This is her moment. Her need. Her life matters. I place the mask on her, and when I am sure she is able to breath, when the danger to her has been addressed, when she is safe, then, and only then, do I have the luxury of even worrying about my need, about putting my mask on, about my life. After her life matters, after that has been addressed, then I can worry about all lives matter.

Black Lives Matter. This is the moment to address a very dire, long overdue need. A right that has long been recognized, but not honored. Time now to step up, to make this our first priority, to make whatever change is necessary and just to Make This Happen. This is the time. Black Lives Matter.

The other response is Me Too. I can recognize the pain of my brothers and sisters, and put my own needs and troubles aside to take up their cause, to make it my own, and to stand, sit, or take action as their ally, their brother, their Friend. Me Too. I am with you. You are not alone. I want to share this with you, to let you know we are in this together, by choice or necessity.

My apologies if I have offended anyone, that was never my intention. But sometimes offense cannot be avoided when the hurt is so deep, and the pain so long ignored. So please do not react in anger, or resentment, but instead let your heart feel the peace that comes from embracing true Friendship, standing shoulder to shoulder with a suffering brother or sister in their pain.

Thanks for listening.

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Things change when people are forced to listen. Terry Pratchet said it best Civilization is 24 hours and 2 meals away from anarchy. And when things break down. They break down till their is nothing left. And this had been festering for a long time. The signs were their in 2016 and we choose to ignore it. and now look at us. The bad thing is as a former Law enforcement officer. My instructor said it best. Law Enforcement is reactive not proactive. Things don’t change until their is a five billion dollar lawsuit or a precinct goes up in flames. I like to believe we do learn from our mistakes but we keep making them.

But their will always be hope. So let us hope.

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