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Bonfire (Parody Lyrics) · 12:50am Jun 5th, 2020

I was thinking about using Childish Gambino's "Bonfire" in a certain scenario with Oculus. Then, I thought about writing parody lyrics for it, so, uh...

Here's the original song, for proper reference. Warning, though, the lyrics are strong(Both, as in profanity. Yeah.).

My name is Oculus, I'm bi with all the sexual

I don't know why some of you still think I'm intellectual

Go coo coo for the cocoa, you'd think I'm a f**king crackhead

Actually, never mind, I think I'm just a grass head

Roll it up and eat the blunt like I just ate my ass

Feminine like Princess Di, I get the sugar, then I crash

Frankly, I don't think that all this speed can make me go that fast

I guess you could call me Dash with 20 percent extra swag, And-

I think that I'm omnipotent, I glow, but I ain't Cozy

All six creatures in the music club- (And I'm the flute, they blow me.)

Could care less if you're offended, you could always just delete this

Just be glad I'm in Equestria; You'd never get to see it, cause:

It's a bonfire, turn the lights out! (Yeah!)

I'm burnin' everything you mothaf**kers talk about

It's a bonfire, (Yeah!) turn the lights out (Uh huh!) I'm burnin' everything you mothaf**kers talk about

You know you love me, you're just too dumb to admit it yet,

And it's not over: this was barely intermission, yet

I'm barely getting started, never finish, don't know why

Just know I'm always watching over you, cause' Oculus means 'eye'

I only hang with me, myself, and accompanied by me again

And don't you try predicting when I'll freak out and scream "REE!" again,

You only hate me cause I burn it up like Hades

And I know you're getting wet because you always try to put it out

I'm sorry for who follows me:

Yeah, they always find me all up in Ocelly's langerie-

And that's a different side of me,

So when you see my hoof under the table, DON'T. BOTHER. ME.

And I'm NOT a cheerleader! That phase is over!

And after that, I did try running myself over.

I could really talk all day about my toxic masulinity,

But first, I'd rather talk about my Silverstream's fertility

They really don't know what to do,

And it probably doesn't help that I don't have a clue

But I'll keep trying til' my final days

P.S, me and Sandbar are both kinda gay-


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