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  • 58 weeks
    Continuation of Dragonpool

    As you might’ve seen, DP: FIV is being moved onto my Alt account, Butters, to be continued there.

    I know it’s been years- some of you might’ve lost hope in it already since I tagged it as something like “On Hiatus” or “Cancelled” or some shit- but it is coming back.

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  • 91 weeks
    It is done

    Traditional version before I make it shitty for the memes

    ”Quit poking me with that shit!”

    ”Get offa me then!”

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  • 91 weeks
    I need to be way more present on this account tbh

    I keep getting startled by my profile picture on here because I forget that this is also my account. I spend a shit ton of time on my Alt. But I am thinking of transferring some of my stories onto my other account as well!

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  • 99 weeks
    Another profile change because I have no life

    Apparently the name “Griffy” is already taken, so—

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  • 102 weeks
    Nom nom

    Griff is biscuit

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The Day He Wasn't Ready For · 7:28pm Jun 4th, 2020

"The Great and Salty Triscuit is getting tired of you seven dancing around your relationship like this."

*They all turn to look at her from the library table*


*gets down on one knee* "Would you all make Oculus the happiest changeling alive and... and marry him?"

"...No. You guys, don't-"

*already tearing up*

*already bawling her eyes out*


"Yes! Yes, yes, yes!! Yona will go pick out best wedding dress!"

*already holding a white wedding dress* *sniffs* "I've got mine right here..."

"N-No way, dude..." *tearing up* "I-Is this for real?"

*face hoof* "You guys..."

"Six rings. Don't forget; griffons like gold. Smolder's probably going to want some sort of expensive gemstone, and-"


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ill start planning the party!

"Oh, not you guys, too..."

“Guys, I don’t think—“

"Pharynx! You won't believe what just happened!!!"

”This isn’t how marriage works!“

"Haha. Ha. What do you mean? Oculus, what is he talking about?"

"Nothing! He was talking about air. Pharynx just loves breathing air."

"Oh god, no..."

Just go with it we’ll get a train outta here later

I feel like this works pretty well in this situation:

Hold fast, tides are turning
And the fire's burning
Who shall not be returning
We shall sail together

And before you ask; yes, I have been playing Sea of Thieves a lot recently.


"What was that?"


*whispers* "On it."

"I already pre ordered your tuxedo!"


Pinkie commence Operation operation cupcake!

*Salutes* on It Honey bunny!

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