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Concerning The World · 6:23pm June 4th

I actively avoid being political with my page and my presence on the site, but with what's happening in my country, and what I've seen in my friend group, and what I've seen of others I look up to, I can't help but have a few words in this blog today. I might have said some other contradictory stuff elsewhere, but that was before learning more about what is truly going on in the world.

I am going to word this as carefully as I can, because this is important.

Black lives matter.

What happened to George Floyd was horrendous, and the cop who killed him, and those who watched and did nothing, should be charged for the crimes they committed. They should be accountable as much as us if we were to kill a person.

Protesting is the right of everyone, and I fully support it. However, I do not support looting and rioting. violence breeds violence, and the destruction of small businesses and others livelihoods only paints a bad picture on a movement that truly matters.

I support human life of any kind, of any sexuality, of any religious belief, of any race, as long as they are all respectful and deserve the respect. I believe in love and kindness in the world, and that it will power over vitriol and hate.

I know it's a turbulent and scary time out there, but I wish everyone well. I wish everyone a blessed day, and that we will all show our support for injustice to be brought to justice.

"Human suffering anywhere concerns men and women everywhere." ~ Elie Wiesel.

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BluFlu #1 · June 4th · · ·

Couldn't have said it better myself.

I support Black people who ask for reform in the police system
I believe Black Lives Matter
I do not support the group Black Lives Matter.

The officer who did this deed and those who watched were arrested and has charges placed on them. The justice system is doing its work and giving them their rights within the law and due process. What is left to do these protests about?? They said they would work on reform unless I am mistaken? Democrat, Conservative, Pro-Police, Anti-Police, all agreed this was horrendous, this SHOULD have been a unifying thing as all parties felt they were guilty as soon as they saw the video. No suspension, they lost their jobs instantly, that never happens until due process is completed, the gavel may as well have already been hit and the sentence delivered. The fact protests happened at all is ridiculous in my eyes, and now they are hijacked by Antifa and other agitators.

Very well put friendo. Even as someone not from or in the US I have many dear friends there. And a few months back my own country had something similar happen, so I definitely understand your sentiment of protest as long as it's not looting or destroying livelihoods.

I wish everyone well and to stay safe in this time.

Comment posted by GrandAdmiral deleted June 4th
AppleTank #6 · June 4th · · 1 ·

Those officers should have been arrested long ago. Hundreds of complaints have been sent to multiple police districts, but if there's a way to sweep those problems under a rug, almost all police districts seem to take it.

Until people had to literally riot to get them tried for murder.

About those officers in particular?

And no. No it did not. The arrests were happening before these protests and rioting started, the moment people saw the videos.

There are hundreds more officers who received complaints, but nothing has been done about them. For years. And a lot of police precincts seem to want to get people's attention away from those as much as possible so they don't have to do anything.

I believe there are hundreds, but how many hold weight, how many were enough to actually mean something, how many were able to have evidence, how many weren't proven false. You can house a complaint on anyone, but unlike grocery stores and food services, the customer is not always right. I know for certain there are cases where the complaint on a police officer is 100% fabricated, and in that instance by an NAACP member.
I believe there should be some reform, and I do suspect that some would like these forgotten, but innocent until proven guilty is how we run our law and thank God for it, this is why police have to wear those cameras now, and said cameras have proven innocence or guilt.
Do feel more than free to show where these statistics are, I would be quite interested to get as much information so long as it is reliable.

Things are far to organized here and abroad for my liking, and I highly suspect there's some for of political malfeasance working things and were merely waiting for the opportunity, especially considering this is just coming of the nationwide "lockdown" with covid

You mean people puppeting and using the riots for their own agendas? If so, yes, very much yes, bricks have been placed in advance for rioting, mainly by people like Antifa, I also would not be surprised if someone is funding this, not in the slightest

First off, Tumblr? I said reliable source not cesspool of filth.
Second, I have yet to read the NYT, and even though I have seen cases where they have proven themselves trash to the point of unifying left leaners and right leaners against them, I'll give it a read.

the tumblr has links to plenty of news pages, if you actually checked it

okay looked at those, I don't care for Vox or what foreign publishers have to say about the United States. The rest of the news sites that are located within the nation I will look at.
Also, for the NYT article, I can't seem to look at it anymore without a subscription or something else. Yeah I'm not giving them a subscription.

John Adams, second President, chose to defend Britain during the recession of the revolutionary war In court, because everyone deserves due process.

Even if the crime is blantent with the evidence beforehand, innocent before proven guilty eliminates mob mentality, and helps assure that if there is any evidence against the main narrative, it will be brought to light, and it will give the accused a fair process.

I do agree 100% in due process, for I believe in the foundation of America.

I also want to add, if any were afraid, my comment section here is open to full discussion and no one will be censored and deleted for sharing a different opinion.

The one message that was deleted was not deleted by me, but by them selves before I could read what they said.

I believe in freedom of speech, and I believe people should discuss their sides rather than shut each other out. I do not like this idea of picking a side like a football team and tearing each other a new one because they are on the other side of the political spectrum.

Sometimes I come off as more right leaning with my stances, I tend to be more Republican than democrat, but I always listen and engage when it comes to matters that should be discussed and worked out.

I hope others do the same.

*applauds* Well said. 100% well said

Actually, while they were fired the same day the protests started, the officer who did the original killing wasn't arrested until Friday and the other three officers weren't arrested until much more recently.

One moment. Just making sure of this, are you the guy I was talking to in the other blog post? Just making sure.

I don't remember, the only two conversations that stick out are the deleted blog put on Lillie Blossom and putting up with Tramp.
I used to have a Spider-Mare icon?

Yes I do believe that was you!
Now two more questions?

1: I thought their name was Lillie Blushing?

2: Tramp? As in Super Trampoline or is this another user?

Blushing could be right, I didn't see the name in my feed. Super Trampoline is also right, they're one of those people that hijack issues an excuse to mindlessly hurt people.

I believe I'm right there, I'm gonna hope so because I named an OC that, and it always makes me disappointed when I find out I'm not the first to have thought of that name.

...*claps* you know, I suspect we likely have our differing opinions and views, but for this alone, I feel I have at least some common recognizable ground with you. I always try and be respectful, sometimes I let it slip and get snappy or sarcastic with others but not in any intent to be rude to them. The only times I am purposefully lacking of respect to another is when either A; they are that way to me/my friends/my family, in which case they went and made things personal. Or B; when they have such fringe and non respectable views and opinions to the point where they don't deserve respect. Super Trampoline is the latter, he deserve no respect in my eyes.

Thank you, I feel the same way.

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