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TTISI: getting blasted by a ton of ads. · 4:11am Jun 3rd, 2020

Okay, look. I’m a kind of guy that likes ASMR. To advertisers that put ads in ASMR’s, please shut the fuck up. I’m trying to relax, the last thing I need to hear is-



*is listening to ASMR*
Ad: Does your plumbing suck?
Me: Shut the fuck up *skips ad and immediately gets jumpscared by a second ad*
Ad 2: Leaf blowers can only do, so much. That’s why-
Me: I did not Mc’Fuckin’ ask, did I? No. I wanted headpats and the scratchiest of scritchies. I wanted to be snuggled. You know what I did not want? To be lectured on how my plumbing and leaf blower sucks ass compared to the glorified shit you’re selling.


*watching doom eternal being played by jacksepticeye*
Ad: *is actually louder than the fucking video*
Me: This shit should be illegal.


*watching smg4*
Ad: *again, jump scares me by being louder than the fucking video*
Fuck off, please!


Okay, the major reason I’m making this blog, is because ads have been pissing me off so much throughout the past couple of weeks, and I need to vent.

Why the Jimminy CRICKETY fuck is it, that when an ad plays, they are louder than the fucking video? You already grabbed my eyes by the fucking balls by taking up the whole screen and making your shit short enough to not need a skip button yet long enough to make me groan in fucking anguish when you show up. Then, for some bizarre fucking reason, you feel the need to cut in at the worst fucking spots. The way YouTube videos are designed is so that the Youtubers never has an awkward moment of silence. Sure it’s hard to figure out where to shove yourself into it to make sure you’re as noticeable as a sore thumb, but every sentence ends at some point. There is always enough silence at some point to shove your obnoxious ass into before making my ears bleed worse than a vampire victim on a Monster Energy drink.

And don’t complain how someone takes it before you do, because YouTube fixed that problem by deciding two to three ads can be in one place, so shut the fuck up about that problem bitch.

Last but not least, fuck you ads for being as repetitive as a Call of Duty/ Pokémon game. I saw your ad for air conditioners at least ten times last week, I’ve already got one! If I didn’t click your link, it’s because of one of two reasons.

A: I’m broke and I can’t afford what you’re selling.
B: It’s pointless, uninteresting, or I already have it.

Quite frankly, I don’t think there’s a single enjoyable fucking ad at this-

Wait... *squints into the distance*... who- who the fuck?

???: Yellow, didn’t we have nice memories?

.... Oh shit, it’s the guy from Headspace (not sponsored)!

Andy Puddicombe: That’s right. I think we just need to take a deep breath, and relax. Think, is there really no advertisement you enjoyed?

W-well, I actually loved the Headspace ads. There was also Flex-Tape and their family of products. And Doom Eternal’s marketing, aside from their TV ad that Bethesda put together. And Oxi-Clean. Oh! And the Slap Chop!

Andy: Then think of them. Their presence was nice, so focus on that. Anyway, I’m going to go have tea with Morgan Freeman now, ta-ta.

... welp, that ends this blog. I’m going to sleep now, and pray that I don’t get an ad for razors.

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Have you considered adding UBlock Origin to your browser to remove such ads? You can whitelist whatever sites you want to keep supporting.

Ads bring me physical suffering

I also suggest uBlock Origin.
It's an adblock that works and very importantly is unobtrusive.

As a second option, download the videos with youtube-dl.
It is a command line script written in perl.
There are also graphic frontends.
More download options than you will need and no need to install any crap. Just run the script.

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