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State of things · 8:47am Jun 2nd, 2020

Hello all!

Welcome longtime and newly arrived readers alike. Yes, I did see the the feature posting of A Deer Named John on Equestria Daily. Thank you to the pre-readers who helped direct me in improving the earliest parts of the story. For those who weren't there for the early times with the story, John was never meant to be more than a one-shot. It was just what is now the prologue with some chunks left out. It has definitely become something far more than I ever expected. I just hope you enjoy where the story goes from here. Again, welcome and thank you for taking a chance on this oddball (now not so) little story.

I will be starting work on the next chapter of A Deer Named John in the coming days, I just had a few issues to deal with and come to terms with in the past several weeks. I had to get these things started so that I could finally get to and focus on what the next chapter needs. The time was not wasted either, as I have been pushing forward with, and developing, plot-lines in greater depth as we get closer to the start of the second main story arc. Seriously, only two side chapters to go until that all kicks off!

Now, a bit on the things which have been in the way. I won't go into major detail and specifics, but I will give a little insight as to what has been and is going on with me recently. Simply put, my mental health hasn't been the greatest for many years. Being on FIMfiction has actually really helped me with it. In fact, without having been on the site and without meeting some very wonderful people, I would never have reached the realisation about myself that I now have. (I may also be in the early stages of a relationship with someone on the site, so yay!)

It will mean getting an official diagnosis from a psychologist. I have started the ball rolling in that direction in the last day and a half. My GP is very supportive of me in this, which is wonderful. I know it won't be an easy thing but, if this strikes at a major root of my depression and at least trims it back a little, it will be worth it. This journey can also end up being a major change in my life with the hope of it greatly improving my personal quality of life along with my mental health.

These past few months have been crazy for everyone around the world, there is no doubt. For me, the lockdowns in my country gave me a chance to reflect on a few things, all of which lead to this new journey I am now beginning. I know that some of the steps will be difficult, starting the process yesterday was one of the hardest things I have ever done. But, if it means I actually become happy in and with myself as a person, it will be worth it. I have worries about it, but that is normal, and I will deal with them and the challenges as they come.

And when I am not dealing with these issues and appointments, I will be striving to continue to bring you more of the stories you expect of me, to the quality I expect of myself. With characters we can love, hate, and laugh at or with. I will continue to push my writing abilities and challenge myself. To that end, I will be working on my first request story very soon (sorry that one got held up in all of this) and, if its reception is good, I will be looking to take on a request every now and then in the future. Just note, I will be setting some rules for that, I just want to see how this first one goes and then I can make it all formal. Also, don't send any request to me yet, I am nowhere near ready.

Anyway, TL;DR, I'm not deliberately slacking. Life is its usual weird self, I have challenges to face and I will do so.

Love you all and thank you for doing even the smallest thing, showing that my stories are interesting (and sometimes divisive) enough to have you read them. It has helped me more than all of you can ever know.


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Wishing you the best.:twilightsmile:

Geeze, how long did it take you to write this? Because it took me a few minutes just to read this. If it were me here, what you have up there might have taken me about 4 hours.

Thank you. I really hope this journey will reach a point where I am truly happy with myself. I think I really need it.

Honestly, I wasn't overly timing it, but I think I lost at least an hour to it, with editing on top of it. A lot of it was like releasing a mental pressure valve, then it needed to be put in a way which made sense. That's what took the longest.

Well, that's good to let out the preasure. I'm glad it helped.

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