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The Come Down · 6:10pm Jun 1st, 2020

This is a follow up to my previous blog. Seriously, read the comments.

"Oculus... Oculus... wake up. Are you okay?"

*groans* "Wha...?"

"Drugs. You literally inhaled drugs."


"Um... anything else? Do you want some water?"

"That'd be nice, thank you."

"I'm sorry, what?"

"Uh... that'd be nice. T-Thank you?"

"Did- Did you just... thank me?"

"It's the polite thing to do, isn't it?"

"Oh, no."

"Okay. Simple, Oculus. Just answer the question."


"When Sandbar beats you at Mortal Kombat, what do you do?"

"GG, no re?"

"No! You beat him with the nearest object until he goes unconscious!"


"When I kiss you, hug you, or show you any type of affection in public, what do you do?"

"Uh... inform you on how you're too good to me?"

"No! You push me off and shriek like a thirteen year old girl until I stop!"

"Okay, I'm slightly concerned about life before those drugs."

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Okay, maybe Oculus crashing into that trash bin might have been a good thing. I mean, he became more friendly than ever! Right? :twilightsheepish:

Speak for yourself, Twi. I'm lying here in a hospital bed with bandages and broken bones all over my body. Seriously, I thought I was going to die when he charged at me after transforming into a giant monstrosity...

This is why we do drugs kids


I’m not wrong


"I'm so confused.."

"Noooo! Where's that perfect emo douche bag I love...?"

Hey the drugs worked!

yay now they will be a happy couple

Well, kids.... drugs are good if you are a bad person because you will turn out friendlier than you were before drugs

Looks like said perfect emo douchebag is now a perfect polite doormat. Not surprising, considering what he inhaled in the first place.

According to the analyzation results, Oculus inhaled a near-fatal dose of cocaine, heroine, amphetamine, nicotine, and 66 other chemicals all mixed together. In short, his brain got fried in chemicals.

Well, he sorta deserved it, after breaking every single bone in my body.


What? It's the truth!

"I like Oculus the way he is. Or, rather... liked."

But your relationship was bad though

"It may have looked like that on the outside... he just doesn't like showing affection in public..."

"I'm slightly concerned, now."

"He used to make me his favorite tea when I was sick, and when I was scared at night, he'd read me, like, every single Harry Potter book in his collection until I fell asleep again. It wasn't the most terrible thing ever."

"I-I can still-"

"Hush, you."

Maybe you should ask him if he wants to go back to his old self

Don't even ask... apparently you can survive breaking your hip bone, at the cost of an enormous pain that easily overwhelms getting kicked in the balls.

Hey, it's going to be alright. You two still make a good couple, no?

"What?! No way! I sound like I treated you and our friends terribly!"

*pulls out a crowbar* "Oh, I'm not asking..."

"I was happy the way he was before!"

"Hey, hey, what are you doing with that crowbar?!"

"Give me back my boyfriend!"

*thunks Oculus in the head*

*winces* Yikes, I hope he didn't get a concussion from that...

Eh, he'll be fine. He isn't showing any symptoms of a concussion, according to 6 Major Signs that You Have a Concussion.

*falls unconscious*

"Okay. He should wake up in a few hours."


"Wait, he's bleeding. Oh my god, he's bleeding!!!"

How about ya don’t hit ponies huh!

Well, technically, it wasn't me. It was Ocellus's idea.

No, Oculus! Please, someone call the ambulance! Please, don't die!

Also, Twi? I thought you said he didn't show any signs of a concussion.

He didn't. He only showed signs of a cerebral hemorrhage.


I’ve hit my head before a lot when I was a kid and this never happened

"Did someone hit you in the head with a damn crowbar?!"

No but I cracked my head open and had to get Stitches

“Oof. Well, at least I used the flat end instead of the pointed—“


”...I didn’t use the flat end...”

What cocktail of drugs is this?

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