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House Arrest · 1:28pm Jun 1st, 2020

"So... fifth day on house arrest, huh?"

"Shut up."

"It ain't as bad as you might think it is, but-"

"Only because Headmare Twilight stole my console. I'm not even sure if that's legal."

"Well, uh..."

"Where're my technicolor creatures? Seriously, this is boring."

"Well, they went out. Uh, they told me to keep you distracted here so that-"

"They went out without me?!"

"Hoo, boy..."

"This isn't good, Oculus."

"Sure, it is."

*they're both in the bushes by some random restaurant*

"I'm pretty sure spying on your girlfriend while she hangs out with her friends, and when you're supposed to be on house arrest isn't a good look for you."

"Will you shut it?"

"Just promise not to get into some sort of rampage, or something."

"Sure, sure, yeah!"

*ten minutes later*

*beating Sandbar over the head with some random restaurant menu while the building is literally on fire* "I told you to order me a burger! No mayo! No! Mayo! How hard is that?!"


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Uh... stealing that console may have been a mistake, Twi...

:twilightoops: Definitely.

(Btw, who's the earth-colored text?)

(Applejack. I didn't feel like making an entirely new color code since I used the "Applejack" color for Smolder.)

"You could say that again..."

*banshee shriek*

Hahaha what the fuck?!

*currently being weighed down by, like, ten officers* "ALL I WANTED WAS NO MAYO ON MY DAMN BURGER!!!"

"You okay, Sandbar?"

"Maybe we should've brought him back a salad..."

sir we got your order mixed up with another ponys are - sees the carnage and walks away

"I-It's something we could definitely try."


"Maybe when he's being a little less... scary."

Just hit him with a tranquilizer

*puts on noise-cancelling earbuds* Twi, got anything to subdue him?

*Through the earphones* Hmm... I guess I could try the good night, sleep tight spell on him...

*Oculus throws the officers off of him and begins to wreck havoc once more*

Do it.


"Calm down, Oc! We're only trying to help you!"

I’ll grab my stuff I’ll be right back

*shoots the good night, sleep tight spell at Oculus and hits Ocellus instead* Oh. Oops. :twilightoops:

:facehoof: Twi... seriously, how bad of an aim do you need to have to miss such an easy target like that?

Apparently very baaaad... *passes out*

*becomes enraged further* How dare you attack my girlfriend! *charges at Twilight*

"This is bad. This is very bad."

Holy— *barely gets out of the way as Oculus charges through the wall*

Yikes! *teleports away a split second before Oculus can grab her*

*charges straight into a garbage can full of drugs* *inhales said drug* *growls* OH. IT IS ON.

This is the worst day in my life...

Next time add an ankle bracelet? Or a ball and chain? ...or guards?

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