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I like big ponies and I cannot lie.

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Is Celestia's weight scale gathering dust? · 10:20pm May 31st

Or do you think she destroyed her weight scale long ago?

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Comments ( 9 )

Dude she broke that thing a long time ago

Her almighty butt broke it?

I think she never bothered with buying one in the first place, because she's easily twice as tall as normal ponies who could be considered tall and that's going to push her outside the tolerances of anything not specifically designed with her in mind. I'm not even going to talk about the reasons you were actually referring to because they're a moot point.

Do ponies have weightscale Technology? The only scales weve seen in the Show, as far as i can remember, is the medieval kitchen scale thingy, where you put weights on one side, and alchemy and potion ingredients on the other.

Most ponies seem to have the exact same BMI regardless of diet due to Magical metabolism or whatever.

Would be funny to see celestias blind reaction to anon introducing the Thing to her.

Considering she's been so big in Bendy stories that she's become the universe...

Yeah. :rainbowkiss:

She's a lot bigger. She becomes the omniverse with planets (with life on them) orbiting around her.

It could be funny. The machine calling her fat. XD

indeed :) although failure to be expected from a scale calibrated for humans. There are other ones though, like Zoos have scales for elephants and stuff, and there are industrial strength Aircraft weighing scales for Commercial airliners.

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