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Hello :) · 4:41am May 30th, 2020

Hi! I'm not dead. Also, this is a good song.

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Howdy stranger it's been a while since I saw an undead! Any new plans for your account or just seeing the sights?

Both! I'm working on a new story but unfortunately I've been diagnosed with writer's block, so it's taking a little while.

Aw. I hope the case of writer's block isn't terminal. If you don't mind asking, whatcha been up to in the RL, hopefully, something interesting!

Eh, with corona going around there's not much you really can do. Mostly I've just been working on music and stuff like that so I've been keeping myself entertained. How bout you?

Yeah, I hear that dude, so I dunno. I was a homebody before the Corona thing popped off anyway. so pretty much Just the same old, music and videogames, I'm also still bold enough to go on walks too and it's pretty nice weather!

Going outside is no problem just as long as you keep your distance from people, and it's good that you're keeping active despite everything. I also noticed that you haven't posted a story yet, maybe you could consider writing one.

Yeah, fresh air is a great way to chill out, I'm glad I'm not in a state that requires a mask to go outside, I feel like that'd be a real pain in the rear.

Gah, I just have a hard time with the posting aspect, anxiety ya know? I know I want to write and post something it's just hard for me to break my shell... have you ever had that problem, sometimes I feel like it's just me?

Nah I get it. Back when I posted my first story I had major anxiety when it came to putting myself out there. So when it came ready to post the story it took me like two hours of building up the courage to post it. Yeah, it was bad.

In the end I sort of realized that I would never improve if I didn't share my work. Nowadays I'm more willing to publish stuff but back then... oh boy!

Well, after you mentioned it I decided to try my hand at writing a bit, well, let's just say Twilight and Spike are in the middle of an epic rap battle... so things are a bit crazy.

That sounds like a pretty interesting concept! Gotta change your name to Pyro The Writer now :rainbowlaugh: Glad I motivated you.

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