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Forgetful GM: World Map · 11:48am May 29th

Uh, Synthesis has a World Map you can look at if you want. I just... completely forgot to add it at publish.

Here you go:

Have fun exploring! (My editor, Pink Man, drew it.)

-GM, master of maps.

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Comments ( 4 )

Well, that blackness to the east sure isn't ominous...

I think that’s the crater where the mushroom bomb went off, that or where a meteor hit. Never really explained in the show. Oh god I just realized, because this is My Little Pony, Adventure Time, Steven Universe, Samurai Jack, Wander Over Yonder, Infinity Train, Gravity Falls all mixed together. That means not only is aku there but also bill cypher, the lich, The mlp villains, orgalorg, lord dominator, GOLB, and the diamonds. The heroes are screwed.

Does the Changeling Empire refer to a real empire or just the hive we've seen?

I think something tore a chunk of the planet away...

All references will be discussed in-story and are otherwise meant to make you ask questions like that.

Be curious, my friend.

-GM, master of coins.

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