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  • Today
    Mental breakdown and I miss my dad

    Not many things in general life do faze me, and if they can or if they do, it has to hit a nerve with me or have a significant relevance to me or somebody I know, i.e, family.

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  • Saturday
    My favourite Rarity line from the early seasons

    There's just something so satisfying about Rarity saying ''bum'', is there not? :rainbowlaugh::raritywink:

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  • Thursday
    One day, it's a dream (Update)

    Can't wait to leave where I am now and go back home. As much as I don't get along with a certain someone, it's still better than going insane and stressed here.

    I think I shall also make it better buy taking in another pet to make it more fluffy and homely. Life without a fuzzy companion is a life not worth thinking about. Should buy a degu or other rodent, maybe another guinea pig.

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  • 6 days
    An old friend I owe quite a lot to, along with others.

    Did you ever have that one person who believed in you when you first started out in anything and you had no clue on how to approach anything? Like, you knew zero of what the norm is, how things operate, etc, etc?

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  • 1 week
    I woke up after a bad dream about someone I loved, and they were in a horrible state

    I've hardly been awake passed ten minutes. I have literally just gotten up, and it's almost 12:30. I'm still knackered, no matter how much I sleep.

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Red Dead Redemption 2: First encounter with UFO in Hani's Bethel. · 10:52am May 29th

So, right this minute, I'm paying Red Dead Redemption 2 for the first time. I was collecting debts, this one from the guy named Chick, and once I got it from where he left it, if you carry on down the hill, you'll find a small and abandoned building full of skeletons in a sermon. As a bonus, if you look in the chimney, you'll find some Aged Pirate Rum.

I was confused when this first happened, but as I entered this building, the room was illuminated with a bright green light coming through the ruined, wide-open ceiling, and when I looked up, I saw that there was a UFO flying above! It was big and silver with glowing green rings and it hovers above the building, moving side-to-side and moving overhead. However, if you leave the building, it begins to ascend up into the sky and disappear almost as soon as it appeared.

You can find this building and this encounter in Hani's Bethel, The Heartlands, NH. On your map, it's represented as a grey block that shows the building. If you want to see the encounter, when I went inside, it was night, so you can see it better. This is the first encounter I've had with it, so thought I'd share this one for those who've played the game.

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Comments ( 6 )

I've also had that encounter. Apparently there are other places in the world map you can go to for other UFO encounters & there's also a ghost train, which I have yet to see, a ghost woman in the swamp by Saint Denis & the voodoo zombie like Night Folk.

When I say Voodoo zombie, I don't mean like the ones you see in the movies were there eating people's brains, or whatever. I mean people who have died and were brought back to life as revenants by voodoo and necromancy to do the bidding of the person, or group of people who had brought them back to life.

I was just in Saint Denis and think I saw one of those zombies. I'm very familiar with the voodoo mythology behind it, with the mix of poisonous puffer fish used to paralyse part of the brain. He was holding a knife and attacked me on sight. He was with another guy, presumably his master, who had a bow and was carrying a dead woman. Some fucked up shit. Even scarier that there have been actual reports of this happening in real life, like in New Orleans and Louisianna.

5271310 Yes. Did you meet Count Doucheula, the nutbag in Saint Denis who thinks he's a Vampire & attacks you when you confront him after finding his five crypyic writings around Sant Denis?

I need to play this game

Do eet! Doo eet NOW!!

Seriously, it's addictive and incredibly fun to get lost inside the old western world. Rob a bank, you bandito!

I have it downloaded. Totally gonna play

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