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A New Synthetic World Opens... · 2:22am May 29th

I have a new story out that has NOTHING TO DO WITH SONGS OF THE SPHERES.

...Okay, not nothing, but I don't want people drawing lines between the two, they're different entities. Today, I've started a new series: Synthesis. Some of the ideas within I did explore in Songs of the Spheres, specifically in the Echo of the Earth chapter. The idea is to take all the franchises in a megacrossover (in this case, seven western cartoons) and try to make all of their lore line up in one big, happy, synthesized, mess. I've put quite a bit of work into this one. The first book is entirely written, so I hope you enjoy it!

Title art by Little Duke.

Also, I commissioned a theme song for it! COME AND LISTEN:

-GM, master of bubblegum.

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Comments ( 9 )

I can imagine the thought process for this: "Damnit it's too late to include Bubblegum in Songs Of The Spheres, guess I'll just have to right another mega-crossover should only take an afternoon".

I kid, I'll make sure to check this out.

I spy with my little eye the eye that belongs to a certain Cipher.

My bets are on this having nothing to do with SoTS... Until it reaches a satisfying ending... Then it can join the SoTS cannon :raritywink:

Shilic #4 · May 29th · · ·

Jesus man, do you ever STOP? "Oh, I've just finished writing a massive megacrossover. What should I do now? How about write another one?" I didn't think it was possible to be even more impressed with your skills and dedication than I already was, but I guess you showed me.

Sigh... Welp, mark me down as "second verse, same as the first". Not because I'm gonna wait for it to be complete, because after last time I sort of really do want to see how this plays out in "real time", but because I'm still only 5 Arcs into SotS and this will probably be done (or, at least, the first book will fully be up) by the time I finally finish that beautiful monstrosity. I'm all in on this idea, even if I haven't seen half of the shows it crosses over, because I struggle to think of a premise you could write I wouldn't be all in on.

Oh, this will be fun.

You invoked the World As Myth. Technically speaking, "nothing to do with Songs of the Spheres" isn't possible because that's not how multiverses like that work.

I'm aware of that, this story certainly takes place in SotS.

I've just had numerous angry/dissapointed people who didn't like SotS getting upset that there might be any connection. So I figured I might as well state it outright.

To be clearer, Synthesis, as far as SYNTHESIS is concerned, doesn't care about the World as Myth.

-GM, master of minks.

Just pointing out that "doesn't care about" isn't the same thing as "not a part of". Like, Earth presumably exists in the Star Wars universe, but the franchise takes place in a distant galaxy and the distant past so it's logically incapable of relevance.

It's semantics, saying it has nothing to do with Song of the Spheres just means it has absolutely nothing to do with that narrative. Yeah, it's technically part of the same universe simply because of the nature of SoTS but that doesn't really mean anything if this story's narrative doesn't connect to that story in any other meaningful way.

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