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    It is done

    Traditional version before I make it shitty for the memes

    ”Quit poking me with that shit!”

    ”Get offa me then!”

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  • 13 weeks
    I need to be way more present on this account tbh

    I keep getting startled by my profile picture on here because I forget that this is also my account. I spend a shit ton of time on my Alt. But I am thinking of transferring some of my stories onto my other account as well!

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    Another profile change because I have no life

    Apparently the name “Griffy” is already taken, so—

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    Nom nom

    Griff is biscuit

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  • 28 weeks
    No one:

    Blu when his friends are posting like nine vent blogs about one drama:

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Spring Cleaning (Follow-Up to "In The Future") · 6:58pm May 27th, 2020

(This blog's a followup to the previous blog I did: In The Future)

*hurriedly cleaning up his hole-y bedroom* "N-Not... clean enough!"

"Oculus, what are you doing?"

"I'm... spring cleaning!"

"It's the middle of December."

"Hold that thought-" *he continues to wash the floors down with a pungent cleaning agent* "Gah!"

"This is a bit concerning."

"That stupid lemongrass scent of your carapace isn't gone yet- it's all I can smeeeelll!!!!!" *he collapses, hiding his face in his hooves*

*pats his head* "There, there...?"


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Comments ( 7 )

Oh talk to Zecora she has everything for every problem!

"God, it's still theheherrreee!"

"I think he's too upset."


how about we get it from her and bring it to you?

*sniff* "T-That'd be nice..."

"I'm still confused."

"About why he's cleaning his room. He usually doesn't even try!"

I don’t know why he’s doing it

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