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pony-writer/pornographer looking for work. old stories undeleted. i'm sorry. Patreon here

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  • 1 week


    we are thinking about potentially taking on a small commission.

    please contact us if you are interested.

    thank you.


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  • 15 weeks
    darf is really tired and needs somewhere to live

    i don't feel like i have the energy to explain everything that's going on right now.

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  • 18 weeks
    my b

    hey all

    sorry for reaching out for human contact and then, like... not responding to those offers for contact. truth be told i feel like a bit of a fraud/sham: i asked for people to be kind and contact us, and then got too scared to respond. partly i don't want to dump my problems on these poor innocent people. partly i am just stupid i guess.

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  • 21 weeks
    darf makes friends


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  • 23 weeks
    the darf is dead (long live the darf)

    first, that's a metaphor. i am not dead, and i am feeling surprisingly non-suicidal, so take that as you will.

    over the last few days i reached out to what i hope are all my commissioners, offering them full refunds on their purchases. i won't share any more details about that here, other than to say it's something that i can't really afford but am hoping to sort out through various means.

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steam just erased a 2,000+ word review we wrote about The Long Dark · 9:40am May 27th, 2020

and in unrelated news we're sad for doing so poorly in the clop contest

i mean

we didn't really take it seriously

nor did we write anything exclusively with the contest in mind aside that rainbow/celestia fic

and we didn't proofread our stuff that well

and we don't have editors

and uh

well that's about it

we just feel the suck


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Gabe giveth

And thus

Gabe taketh away

he probably dropped a cheddar cheese burrito on the server while i was posting it

(that's the joke we used to make back in TF2/L4D days. any time something went wrong, cheddar cheese burrito. or some permutation of that foodstuff)

nice new avatar (if it is new. if it isn't new, it's still nice)


Rumor has it, Gabe once had two buttons before him.

One released half life three. One gave him a cheesburger.

The rest his story.

The avatar is new-ish.

Yo I wanna write a weird collab with you

I compulsively copy long messages I write before sending for this very reason. Of course this often means I need to make a new text document to contain it in case I accidentally copy something else, so...often get quite a lot of those before I clean up.

Each has its downside, I suppose.

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Man, I love The Long Dark. Was your 2k-word review positive or negative?

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