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To write is to create entire universes. You are a god. But will you be a kind god or a cruel god? Unfortunately, many are cruel, simply to entertain other gods.

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    New Directions

    I've decided to start working more on the Fallout fic and even rewriting Where the Apples Grow. It's come to my attention that it's been years since I've started here on Fimfiction and I have definitely improved, so you can expect new chapters as well as reworks of older chapters in Redemption is Magic.

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    Current Update

    We had initially planned to end the Fluttershy Arc in the current chapter, but after some debate, we had decided it would be better to create more buildup. Zone's character had not been fleshed out and I had originally wanted to show more of her viewpoints and emotions. Luckily, with some urgency from one of our editors, we have been able to agree upon extending this arc due to a lack of buildup

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    I'm not dead.

    My current silence is due to a living situation that is currently changing. I will soon be able to work on the stories again.

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    B R E A D

    Y'all ever just eat bread?

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Sneak Peak at Chapter 5! · 6:19am May 27th, 2020

Hello! I am currently working on three stories at once, with most of my attention focused on the project, but be sure to expect updates for all three of Fallout Equestria: Redemption is Magic, Journey to Equestria: Realized, and Where The Apples Grow!

For now, here's a sneak peak at a chapter that's almost complete for Fallout Equestria: Redemption is Magic!

The mare, a partially-yellow-furred and leathery pegasus with cracked glasses who looked way too old to even be alive, squinted her eyes at him. “You ninny! Cloudsdale doesn’t even exist anymore! I thought I raised you better!”

Applejack looked over the mare’s features, noticing that her mane was mostly gone, with only bits of light blue remaining. Her tail, however, was completely gone, with only the nub left.

“Y-Yes, Nana,” he whimpered.

“What was that?!” she asked loudly in a shrill tone.

“I SAID YES, NANA!” Fiddler yelled. He then looked at Applejack. “Sorry, she’s hard o’ hearin’.”

“The lards are gearin?!” The mare named Nana cried out.

Applejack raised a hoof. “Uhh... Cloudsdale doesn’t exist anymore?”

Nana laughed. “That’s a dumb question! Of course not! It’s been gone since the megaspells dropped! I should know, I was there!”

“Not this story again,” Fiddler whispered.

“I’mma tell my story, don’t you fuckin’ interrupt!” Nana shouted. She wrapped a wrinkly foreleg around Applejack and pulled her close. “I was right there! Right in Cloudsdale when the Megaspells darn dropped. My glasses dropped off the edge, and wouldn’t ya know it? It was fate! I flew far enough down to get ‘em that I barely avoided the blast! My wings were singed, and I fell alllll the way down the ground, luckily landin’ on a hay bale! Ya shoulda seen it! Green mushroom clouds going FWOOSH!!! Buncha pegasi fallin’ from the skies and hittin’ the ground, splattin’ like watermelons!”

The very thought made Applejack shudder. “How long ago was this?”

“A MILLION BILLION TRILLION YEARS!” Nana replied. “Give or take a few weeks… Or was it yesterday…? No, wait, I bought new sticks fer muh drum set yesterday from Beat Beat…”

“Nana, the megaspells happened two-hundred years ago,” Fiddler corrected.

Really?!” Nana asked. “I coulda sworn… But then again, it was so long ago. Bein’ a ghoul don’t help, either. Is a wonder I’m still sane... I never did find muh glasses.”

“Nana, they’re on yer face,” said Fiddler.

“OH MAH CELESTIA, HOW’D YA FIND ‘EM?!” Nana shouted, eyes wide.

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Applejack gonna ask whats a ghoul or how she survived 200 years?

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