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pony butt tier list · 9:12am May 25th

does not include ponies we are not familiar with due to canon ignorance (we'll catch up one day)

S-Tier: Babs Seed, Derpy, Bonbon, Celestia, Applejack
A-Tier: Rarity, Fluttershy, Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie, Luna, Lyra
B-Tier: Rainbow Dash (we have a special fondness for her butt despite its tier placement), Cadance (the underappreciated butts tier)

there are no butts below B-Tier in our estimation.

this is our 100th blog post.

stay tuned for pony-puss tiers. <3

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Comments ( 10 )
nbq #1 · May 25th · · ·

Where is CMC? Starlight?? And many many others...
Also, I disagree about Luna and Rarity. :raritycry:

People tend to forget Fluttershy was a supermodel. Supermodels don't have butts.

Sweetie Belle is a definite S-Tier

Dumb question - what does 'S' stand for in tier lists?

duithy #6 · May 25th · · ·

odd story near as I have ever been able to tell, it comes from some older japanese video games were there was a rank system were you were given d-a and if you were near perfect you got an s rank exactly what it stands for is actually lost to time

mmmm yes, quality list.

Now this is the content I followed for. :heart:

A very good list to be sure, but I'm kinda surprised that Vinyl Scratch is nowhere on here.

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