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  • Tuesday
    A brief conversation between me and a friend yesterday:

    Me: *watches video with friend*

    Friend: Why are we watching a cake being cut?
    Me: It's a JIGGLY CAKE!
    Friend: So what?
    Me: So what? It's a CAKE that JIGGLES YOU UNCULTURED SWINE!!
    Friend: *smacks me upside the head*
    Me: Rude.

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  • 4 weeks
    Six Years...

    26 stories and 1,034 (as of this blog) blogs later....I'm still in it for the Long haul!

    You know what this calls for?......

    .....A PARTY!!!!!

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  • 4 weeks
    A Surprisingly Late update is here!

    I know what those of you who genuinely like this story might be thinking: "Oh Phoenix! Why did it take a millennium for this story to be updated?!?" Well the honest answer it this: I lost the inspiration for this story and completely forgot what it was about! Shameful, I know. Yet bear with me and I admit that this particular chapter deserves a look at (plus it's probably the

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  • 4 weeks
    Happy 4th of July

    Today Is the birthday of our great nation. Let us celebrate!:

    244 years of experience....and 2020 has yet to learn of the mistakes of the past...*sigh*...oh well. Happy Independence Day everyone!

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Sims Stories #4: Tiny House, Big Personality · 6:44pm May 24th

Welcome Back to my Bi-weekly blog series of Sim Stories! Today we have just one story, but it's a nice one! Enjoy!

Tiny House, Big Personality
By Ivory Jackson

Sim(s): Gabrielle Berger (F. YA) [sim is also on the gallery. Look under ReignaLuna97]

The Story: At some point in life, we all strive to find a place of our own. A place to call home. A place to set up roots. Some sims dream of large, expensive mansions. Some dream of elaborate apartments. Some prefer a simple clean-cut family house. Others....well....others like to think differently.

Gabrielle spent a large percentage of her life in the city of San Myshuno. A quick witted and beautiful woman, Gabrielle had started to make a name for herself in the city. Primarily situated in the Fashion district, her stylist friends would just rave about and sing her praises to whomever. She was truly on her way up. On one such off day had her bored at home. Work already completed and simply bumming around the house had her truly start thinking. "What am I doing here? This apartment is fantastic, but it's also waaay too big! It's only me here. Why am I staying at a place that no longer makes me feel happy? Sure the rent's affordable and it's close to work, but I'm not satisfied here. What can I do to make this right?", she thought to herself at one point as she was browsing the web. Then the thought hit her like a bike. Why not move?! And not to a smaller apartment, but move to a completely new town! Why the thought seemed like a dream, yet the main concern was how. She only had a small budget of 1,000,000 simolions. Not much could be done about creating a standard house. But what about a tiny house? Those were cheap and eco friendly! Plus smaller than her apartment! Major win in her opinion. So with that, she was off.

She had done it! After paying off her final rent and deposit and selling most of her furniture, not to mention the few days of couch surfing, she was ready for construction. First thing was the hard part: figuring out what kind of house she wanted. Did she want a small home? Did she want a tiny home? Maybe a micro home? Eventually she decided on a two story micro home. The layout was simple. Kitchen and bathroom on the first floor. Bedroom/living area/office on the second floor. That was the hard part (that and the fact that they had to change the stairs 5 times to make them look sturdy enough). Then came the easiest part (and Gabrielle's personal favorite): interior design! With the help of her best friend/favorite interior designer, Hayo Miyazaki (no relation to the famous animator), she managed to pull off an impressive modern/industrial styled house. The best part, in her opinion, was the back garden. A beautiful space with a romantic feel. Plenty of space for her garden and laundry line. Admittedly at first, getting around was intriguing to say the least, yet she eventually found her rythm around her home. Went back to work and continued to dominate her trade. At some point she's starting to consider doing something she's always wanted to do: get a pet.

This concludes today's Sim story! Hope you enjoyed it!

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Expected, as this one was kinda small (I'm still playing with this save so... literally anything could happen!)

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