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hello i am the lesbian

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leaving the LDS church, drinking monster and why does it taste like beer? · 9:34pm May 23rd

hi, ive been doing stuff like making my bedroom into an office for studying. also trying to figure out who i am before i ultimately plunge into adulthood on may 30th.

i am having a horrible time keeping my testimony strong when church isnt around to brainwash me every week. i need affirmation that i belong constantly and nobody is giving that to me anymore so i feel out of place. but, i really love my friends, and id like to be like they are (super devoted to the gospel) but honestly i just like drinking caffeine and smoking weed a lot so i can never really be equal to them in faithfulness.

speaking of energy drinks i tried monster today and it tastes... strangely like beer? i like redbull because it tastes like pepto bismol but if pepto bismol didnt taste like chalk crap. monster has the same appeal in the first intial taste but as it enters your mouth theres a weird expired wine taste.

i am trying my best.

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Comments ( 5 )

What beer are you drinking that it tastes like Monster?! I drink beer, but I hate Monster.

I don't quite understand the LDS view against caffeine, but alcohol and weed are still points of contention within Christian groups. While the jury is still out on weed, in regards to drinking, some ban it out rightly while others take a more nuanced approach.

What my parents taught me about drinking was it was something to be enjoyed. You have a drink with family and friends at gatherings, and, generally, with a meal. Never is drinking to be done to the point, or sole purpose, of intoxication.

Weed is kinda a new thing, so there's a still a wide debate as to handle it. Though, in general, it could be agreed upon to enjoy in moderation and not become so baked that you become incapacitated.

In all, it boils down to what your reasons are for doing it. God gave us many pleasures in this world, with the provision that we enjoy them in their own time. Trouble arises when we focus too much on these pleasures and not the one who gave them to us. What often follows is we begin rely on the pleasures to satisfy or fulfill us, as opposed to relying on God to satisfy all our needs.

Thus, if it's for recreation, or a celebration, then it's fine in moderation. If you find it's something you're doing out of a dependency, then you may have a problem.

That all said, just from a health standpoint, given what I've gathered about your age, none of this is really stuff you should be doing. May want to cut back, do some study and research, and go on from there.

Totally agree with this. (Of course, I say this as someone who believes strongly that there's no reason to drink if it doesn't taste like dessert. I'm a cocktails kinda girl. :pinkiehappy: )

I'll add to this that while I have no problem with anyone enjoying any of these substances, I have known people who admitted that they felt like too much weed in their youth (late teens and early 20s) stunted their development. Like, they felt like it blunted or helped them avoid experiences that other people were having, so when they were older their friends all seemed to be able to handle things like paying bills and managing relationships, and they couldn't.

So, that's something to keep in mind. You might want to make sure substances aren't preventing you from fully being involved in your life, especially while you're trying to figure out/discover who you are.


I say this as someone who believes strongly that there's no reason to drink if it doesn't taste like dessert

You'd get along well with my mom and sister. I don't mind the occasional sweet drink (I can't stand overly sweet stuff), but I'm also more likely to abuse it.

Easier to drink more than you mean to if it tastes like fruit juice.

Totally fair, though it tends to be more expensive and/or time consuming than grabbing a beer or glass of wine or straight shot (cocktails are expensive, or else you have to buy and mix the right things) so it's harder to do casually. But at a party or open bar, yeah, it's easier to go over your limit.

Hahah i agree with this because having too much concentrated marijuana lit awakened my genetic schizophrenia, i feel like if i hadnt gotten into psychedelics i wouldnt be needing to take antipsychotics to be normal. but at the same time they also helped me with stuff caused by autism, so i guess its a mixed bag depending on who you are :pinkiehappy:

I've never had beer but I've had wine that was expired, and tbh i dont really drink alcohol. maybe it was an expired monster, i did get it from the back of a walmart.

i wont be doing anything bad once I go to university since its all illegal in Japan, and looked down upon.

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