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Car guy, Militaristic enthusiast, New writer and also a big fan of MLP F.I.M. Luna & Celestia! I'm also from New Zealand!

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    So you guys have been wondering on where I've been and why there are no updates to any of my stories. Well, I got news for an upcoming story I am making called "The Great Equestrian War" Basically a revamped story of "The Equestrian War: Human Support?" I am working hard on the prologue so you would expect the story to be up 1 or 2 weeks with a semi-decent prologue and a decent chapter 1 so yeah

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    I have a Question to ask you guys and girls

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    My new story is going to be up soon!

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    Well, I hope you like the story! RandomBoi Out.

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    Well after the event that unfolded on my 6-year-old PC I am back! I am now writing the start of my new story. it will be released in a day or so I just don't know :twilightsheepish:

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Well a plot for my new story · 7:50am May 23rd

Well, hope you guys like this story idea or a start to it at least.

John was a S.A.S Sniper. he was deployed near Afghanistan taking out Al-Qaeda Units with his .338 Lapua AWM and his trusty old Ghillie suit. But during that deployment, he was sent to Equestria leaving his dark past after American units mistakenly took John as an enemy sniper and decided to bombard his position.

Equestria, on the other hand, was being discreetly invaded by the caribou. Kidnaping and "assassination" attempts had been made against the four princesses. What will John do? Will he aid the Equestrians? Or will he let his past haunt him? Find out how he will adapt to this new and unknown land.

should I use an M200 Intervention, Barrett variants? or you guys suggest me a gun or keep it with the AWM?

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Comments ( 7 )

I like the idea, and the weapon. But personally, I would have John use the Barrett M82A1 Anti-Material Rifle.

Barrett M82A1

Barrett M107 with raufoss rounds




What about both? The Barrett is used for Extreme ranges and the AWM is used for long to medium range. both suppressed for obvious reasons and the barret is disassembled to fit in his rucksack. AWM has an 8-25X Scope while the barret has a 20-80X. for a sidearm would be an M1911 A1 suppressed with a laser/Flashlight attachment.

Interesting. I would not of thought of that

true true that works

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