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Status of Jump City (Yu-G-Oh E-Quest) · 11:05pm May 22nd, 2020


That's right, picture Jump City like that... (But no red skies, and no lava)

-All the buildings are crumpling and falling down.
-The roads are all cracked up and littered with derbies and old banged up cars and things
-Black smog seems to filter through the air from smoldering derbies or hobo fires
-People in the city are starving and disheveled, many of them are the greedy capitalists who were largely responsible for the city's downfall.
-There's hardly much electricity, power, can't grow food, only so much water to spare even if it's drinkable.

-They can't leave the city either. They have no fuel and not many working vehicles to take them anywhere.
-They can't leave the city on foot, they'd never survive to make it through the outback.

-They have no place to go anyway
-No one in the outside world is willing to feed them, or save them

(More on this further below)

How did Jump City end up like this...?

For those of you who recall Things Change... When the Titans returned after their months of globe trotting to fight the Brotherhood of evil, they realized a lot of changes had been made since they left.

-The Video store they loved had been abandoned and was all locked up and devastated
-The block where they used buy loads of their favorite things was being converted into a giant office complex.

...A few changes like that are not EXACTLY all that bad, it IS part of progress and development I know...

...However, like most of my PUNISHMENT/REVENGE fics, I intend to completely turn things around and intensify the bad to Maximum Level to inflict suffering to characters, and to give them reasons to snap, or lose things, ect, ect...

In Yu-Gi-Oh E-Quest, those places were not the only things being changed.

-The Titans favorite Pizza Place at the corner was being converted into a Hardware Store.
-The amusement park was being scrapped and to be turned into a shipping dock for boats.
-The beautiful city park and the woodlands surrounding it, it was being leveled to make way for yet another office complex

That's just to name a few.

-There's no more skate-parks
-No arcades
-No playgrounds
-Your favorite hangout places have been busted up to be replaced with something you just can't use, or nothing at all.

-There was even going to be a law passed, that soon Nobody under the age of 14 would be allowed to live in JC-- not old enough to hold up a job in the government's view.

And the people of JC were ACTUALLY buying into it... They were CHANGING TOO.

-Those would have protested to cutting down trees, they now wear suits/skits and ties/kerchiefs, carry briefcases and couldn't care less.
-Those who were once kind, and friendly to you, are now grouchy sarcastic busy bodies who wouldn't care if your feelings got hurt by their insults
...Ect, ect, ect!

Change can bring progress, and development: YES... but this is NOT what it's about.

The people of Jump City and its government have changed very badly... They've become greedy capitalists concerned only with obtaining more profit and power for themselves and with little to no consideration of the people they hurt in order to obtain it. They were trying to turn JC into a business metropolis, nothing but WORK-WORK-WORK!!

-Other businesses had gone bankrupt, leaving many people to have lost their jobs and unable to feed their families.
-Homes we're being broken down to make new roads and places for more business buildings (Leaving families little time to move)

If you didn't get on board with them or you dared to protest to any of this and insist things were wrong, you were labeled as a "Non-Conformist" or "A Rebel" and you were ostracized and ignored.

Beast Boy was among these few; to be ignored, taunted, hooted when he tried to warn people the dangers these changes would bring, but the people wouldn't listen, not even the Titans. They too had been taken in and were getting onboard with the businesses (Then unaware of the capitalism that was really happening)

It was all brushed off insisting...

"Let go of the past"

"It's time to move on and grow up."

"Get over yourself."

"Things Change and you have to accept it whether you like it or not!"

More and more of these horrible and unnecessary changes ruining more and more families and lives, and not just across Jump City, but across the world as well!!

Because of the JC government abuse and negligence, stocks were being affected, other businesses were losing funding due to JC forcing their fellow partners out of business, which affected other families and workplaces.

Not wanting any other part of this, Beast Boy fled the city, and he was not the only one. Many of the people who finally realized the dangers began to flee as well for their own safety and protect their families.

Many people still refused to leave, believing the deserters were "Stupid" or "Cowards" and that the city would be just fine, but more and more people fled, and people stopped coming to Jump city after hearing of their criminal negligence. Supplies and deliveries from outside were cut off in acts of outrage, as well as pointlessness.

As a result, the city began to fall into decline.

-Businesses shut down
-Buildings were abandoned
-Ect, ect, ect...

...And so, five years later, the city is in the horrible shape it is now. Nobody on the outside will help them after all the crimes they had committed, all the lives they had ruined.

Even the President of the US (Not Trump) declared unwillingness to help JC, and while not declared illegal to save JC (If you want to try, you may) but the president and many people across the country were not willing!

“Though it is against my basic and moral principles, the fact remains: the people of Jump City turned whole lives upside down, destroyed environments, and endangered many people more for the sake of greed and stupidity.

We shall leave Jump City as it stands, as a reminder of the mistakes people have made, and while it is true, the march of progress must continue forth, there is such a thing as going too far and being consumed by baffling urges such as greed and power.”

A Punishment to Fit the crime...

“You brought this on yourselves!”

“Why should we help you? You’ll just abuse the power like you did before.”

“You forced me and my family to run out of town!”

Even millionaires or rich tycoons like Bruce Wayne weren’t willing to help, and they could spare large sums like pocket-change.

“This isn’t my mess, and I refuse to clean it up.”

“These people dug their own graves. I’ll save my money for those who really need it, other than greedy folks that abuse power.”

The mistakes these people have made are beyond reprehensible and will not be forgiven!

Frankly, they're lucky this is all I'm making happen to them so far. I could have done more...!

Yu-gi-oh Arc V "UNITE AND FIGHT" The commons were preparing to march in angry mobs and FIGHT the Top-siders and force them down (Imagine the mess that would've made)

Actually I can picture it exactly how I'd want to see it...

Picture JC still with all those bad people and bad changes, and then...

(2:06 - 2:32)

Followed by a huge gunfight like this...

Sorry, I can't help think that way...

when it comes to things like this...

It's not about RE-concile
It's not about RE-Kindle
-It's not about RE-stitution

...This is about "RE-VENGE"

Sounds sadistic I know, but the rest of you haven't and wouldn't think twice either (you've all proven it before) and besides, it's all just for fiction anyway, not reality. (Making cartoon people suffer and destroying cartoon worlds is NEVER the equivalent of doing it in reality.)

"Yes it is. It makes you a sadistic, sexist, racist pig and blah, blah blah... you're what's wrong with the world."

And to people who are still foolish enough to say that-- that beating up cartoons is as equal as being the real thing) I still submit to you...

...It only is if you do it to REAL PEOPLE in REAL LIFE, end of story.

But as for the Revenge thing, that's partly what the Yu-gi-oh World is about in the animes. (Dueling for power, fame, justice, and/or revenge)

That's why the Titans entered the duel tournament, hoping to win that much needed 1-million dollar prize (with so few other options available to them) in hopes to save their city...

...But even you can tell, Masquerade was right at this point... IT'S TOO LATE. The city is far too damaged to be repaired, or rebuilt, even with a ton of fortunes, and even IF people will lend you help and machinery you need, you'd never even get a single building in that bad shape standing right again.

Any developer would take one look at those crumpling buildings and tell you "The city will have to be demolished... before it just FALLS apart."

Perhaps all they can hope to do now is safely get the people out of the city and go someplace else (which is still difficult as they are unwelcome by many and have no place to go)

...But now you see what danger Jump City is in, and all because of the heartless recklessness of people wanting too much of the wrong kinds of changes.

A lot of people are not willing to help them (Which does make them as cold and cruel) but still... at least they didn't destroy JC like THEY nearly destroyed them.

Let them rot in the darkness they've created.

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