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Mark your Schedule for Saturday May 30th! · 8:55pm May 22nd

Time for Ponyfest 3.0!

Ponyfest Discord server: https://discord.com/invite/nSDGJCg
Ponyfest website: https://ponyfest.horse/

And boy do I have something for you all.

This time around I'm at 2 Panels, back to back! Completely different topics, but both interesting in their own right, and with amazing co-panelists!

Our first panel is... "Writing MegaCrossovers!" I'll be working on this panel with the one and only GMBlackjack! We'll discuss the topics that surround this challenging genre, and touch on what can make them successful and how to avoid outright failure. We'll discuss our thought process, planning and techniques, as well as open up a Q&A for all your Crossover Questions.

The second panel is "Writing Sensitive Topics" with Scampy! A decidedly more serious discussion about approaching topics in writing (whether you have experience or not) and how to present them for your audience in a story. Don't worry, it's not going to get depressing.

Come see us on May 30th @ the Writing Room
- 4:00 PM EST for Megacrossovers
- 5:00 PM EST for Writing Sensitive Topics

Hope to see you all there!

Comments ( 9 )
Scampy #1 · May 22nd · · ·

[panicked screeching]

Duck #2 · May 22nd · · ·


ow hell yeah am so excited for these and i can actually make these.

Looking forward to listening in!

Ah, good luck, and have fun! :D

Any chance there will be recordings? I like both of those panels, but I'm currently semi-nocturnal in EST to the point where I'm useless by 2PM and, aside from that, I hate having to be responsible for taking notes that'll be my only record of something. (And I have no experience setting up to record streams.)

We record everything, so recordings are usually up on Youtube within a few days to a week of the event ending

When does the event end?

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