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GM's gonna be on a panel: Writing Megacrossovers · 6:57pm May 22nd

Hey guys! We've got a pretty big event coming up this saturday: Ponyfest 3.0, the online digital pony convention for all your stuck-at-home-going-crazy-but-still-need-pony needs! There's all sorts of stuff going to be going on May 30th, including a panel including yours truly and Wanderer D. What could we be talking about, you ask? Well... we're going to introduce you to the idea of Mega Crossovers, what goes into making them, and why they're not your normal piece of fanfic. The nitty gritty secrets (except they aren't really secrets) of crossing over everything will be put out for you to see! Woop!

Come see us on May 30th, 4:00 PM EST for our fantabulous panel!

Adorable Ponyfest mascot is adorable.
Ponyfest Discord server: https://discord.com/invite/nSDGJCg
Ponyfest website: https://ponyfest.horse/

Hope to see you there!

Also, look out for a new story coming out this week that... may or may not be related to the above topic...

-GM, master of MegaCross.

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Comments ( 5 )

Ooooh, this sounds awesome! I hope to be there :pinkiehappy:


wish i could be apart of it, but i dunno if i can. I'll try though. ... Excited for the new story though :D

Ooh, hype get. Looking forward to it.

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