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  • Monday
    I feel like a burnt sausage.

    Came back in the room from the beach and the pool.

    Yes, I did put sunscreen. On my face and shoulders, not on my arms or anything. Better keep that in mind for next time.

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  • Monday
    My mood ATM:

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  • Monday
    Just finished Bowser’s Fury

    I know people are gonna hate me for saying this, but I was kinda left thinking to myself, “That’s it?” upon finally beating the game. Ah well, it was all better than I actually thought it would be, honestly.

    Also, I just realized that people already made this as a meme/reaction image:

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  • Sunday
    And the YTPers rejoiced

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  • Saturday
    Just started playing Bowser’s Fury

    Dunno which detail I should specifically be paying attention to:

    - Mario and Bowser Jr. forming an alliance
    - The game being as open world as Super Mario Odyssey
    - The ability to store more than one item unlike Super Mario 3D World

    Let’s go with that third one.

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Who’s more “Alone”? · 3:06am May 21st, 2020

Alan Walker?

Or Marshmello?

I think I prefer Marshmello.

Looks like this is becoming a new series.

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Comments ( 17 )

I however prefer Alan Walker.

I agree with you; Marshmellow’s version my go-to song.

You like that song?

Yeah, but Faded is better.

I know! Spectre is good too!

True, however I think I like his re-releases with vocals more.

I have to disagree Bezier...I think I like Alan Walker's better...sorry...

No, it’s fine. Really.

I somehow can't choose between the two

Have you heard both songs?

I like Marshmello's for this one.

I think I found Marshmello’s song more catchy.

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