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Question to readers · 7:15am May 20th, 2020

Currently working on the next chapter of Love Seriously.

SO YOU CAN PUT DOWN THE TORCHES AND PITCHFORKS! (Points hoof at a corner) "I see you over there with them."

Anyway. my question is. should I change this to a mature rated story for some clop or do I make a seprate story for those chapters for those interested.

let me know which way to go.

Report Admiral Q Ponyform · 431 views · Story: Love....SERIOUSLY!? ·
Comments ( 62 )

keep current version safe for woona

I would go for a separate NSFW version.

It would definitely add char. development to Cadence.

so is that for or against the rating's change?

I'd say go for it but it's ultimately your decision.

change to mature is my vote

not the first story i changed the rating but more cautious this time.

I would separate the NSFW, I don't really see the need in the story as is and it may impact some of your younger readers. Thank you for asking, and I look forward to more!

Might I suggest a straw poll? That way it’s way easier to see what should be done ;)
Btw I vote for the separate story for nsfw

It is a for in my case.

Ooooor you can continue writing a real story, and not stoop to """clop""" for the sake of ratings.
If either occurs, I at least will unfollow.

Yes but put a warning so your younger know when to skip the chapter

If it's a forked story, you can't really read it the same way. Character development is key and sometimes its messy as is life. Include some "clop" and see how it goes. I don't see the main character losing their head to passion that quick as there are still things their figuring out. This takes time. Unless their prospective partner is rushing and that happens all too often in real life as well.

I would create one for mature content, make this one safety for all the readers. That's what I recommend.

Comment posted by FordPrefect deleted May 20th, 2020

separate NSFW version or a NSFW folder that has all the NSFW chapters, I would perfer the former tho

It's not for the sake of ratings. There is a story purpose for it. Most of my stories clop isn't for clop sake but jeans something for the story

It's mainly the characters need to control something in her life. Events before and during this chapter have pushed her a bit

Bring on the clop! No need to make more work with another STORY!!!

And while Love Seriously IS a good series, WHEN IS NIGHTMARE, NIGHTMARE gonna get a new chapter?

Soon. Working on Shadow next. Then Nightmare Nightmare.

And it wouldn't be a full story, just the clop moments

Gotta vote separate. As much as it might add to the character I really enjoy the lighter teen style you have going.

Either way going to continue to read your worlds!

"""Clop""" cannot mean and never means anything. The porn tag on a story is just a signal flag meaning the story has zero artistic merit and the """author""" is creatively and morally bankrupt.

Awww but there was a 2 for sale tho! *holds my pitchfork and force protectively*

If there was clop then I'd hope for more yuri.

I have no idea what that is?

Incel weeaboonese for lesbian

SO YOU CAN PUT DOWN THE TORCHES AND PITCHFORKS! (Points hoof at a corner) "I see you over there with them."

...No you don't *tries to (poorly) hide the still burning torch behind back.... and lights hair on fire* :applejackconfused:

Anyway. my question is. should I change this to a mature rated story for some clop or do I make a seprate story for those chapters for those interested.

That's difficult for me to give a good answer too, since I'm assuming there is going to be plot and character development involved with those scenes which makes them kinda important.

At the same time I realize that some people are not gonna be happy with :trixieshiftleft:

So I think my personal recommendation will be to at first try it with a M rating and see what the general respons is and then decided if you're going to keep it like that or make a second story that contains just those parts for the people that are interested :applejackunsure:

Sorry if this sounds a bit like a non-answer.

I would like more if there were no clop, at least not forced clop. I also have nothing against it if it is natural in the story.

I usually don't do force clop. Granted this one was initially unplanned but still tied to story.

Yuri is a Japanese word for lesbian sex

I say change the rating and keep all of it together.

You seem really insecure.

I personally do not like clop stories as they make me feel uncomfortable. (hence my vote to keep this Safe for Woona) If you REALLY must make a sex/clop scene, and you DO make it. Please use some indicators for where the scene begins and ends, so people like me can skip it entirely. Further I would not make the scene contain important plot points to the story that would be missed by skipping the aforementioned sex/clop scenes as many such as myself WILL skip such scenes.

Also please do not take my words in any negative light, as this is most definitely NOT my intent, I am just throwing my two cents into the ring so to speak.

This is why I am asking. Feedback is important. I have plans to go either way.

Not sure if you Read the Born for Loyalty story but a future chapter will involve rape. It's too critical to the story to cut out

I have read 8 chapters of it, and I know I am waaaaay behind on thie story lol. IMPLIED stuff is fine, but if the scene is described, I will still have to skip it lol. :derpytongue2:

your choice. decided to give a fair warning and no it's not implied. it happens clear as day.

I think you're mostly right about people wanting to skip these scenes but that doesn't have to mean you can't still put important character development etc. into those scenes. For those who want to skip it, one could always put a recap of the stuff in without mentioning anything explicit while doing so.

One of my favorite stories had the clopfliks on the side. Completely published elsewhere; just a short ooc note about which clop goes in this space with all of them as chapters together.


will involve rape.

Wow you're fucking scum.

Let me guess you're one of those people the hates rap for any type of music that uses vulgar language because you believe what they're talking about they actually do Not because they experience it through other people or talking about how bad it is

Sure maybe the fact we don't know their story maybe this is them telling what happened to them through a story

If it is an essential part of the character why does it make him "scum"? Would you call Bob Kane "scum" for having Bruce Wayne's parents brutally murdered in front of him? Or are you implying rape is worse than a double homicide?

Part of the problem of reading 'serial novels' in fan-fic is 1. They die before completion. 2. The story that started is not the same as when it ends. Stories evolve. Sometimes in ways we'd rather them not. Sometimes in ways we like.

If Love...Seriously!? were a finished novel, you could read the blurb and decide whether to read it or not, but since it's written in installments that option wasn't available to those who started reading in the beginning. Admiral Q. Ponyform has graciously decided to let readers vote on the way the story may go. That is more than some authors do.

Some readers despise smut and will forever put a novel down and never finish it due to that very fact. Some readers will put up with it for the sake of the plot. Others like it. Personal taste is exactly that. The problem is if the smut is essential to plot development and or adds clues say in a detective novel it's not really "skipable". If it's "skipable" it's really unnecessary. But some like 'beefcake' and 'cheesecake' because it adds to their enjoyment of the story.

Ultimately, it's up to the author even with the vote. I'd advise him to go where the story takes him regardless of opinion. Why? Because if he doesn't like where the readers want the story to go then the less likely the story is to be finished and that's the number 1 problem with reading fan-fics that aren't finished... yet for some reason I still start unfinished ones if they are well written and the premise is catchy. Having a separate story containing "clop" is an extra burden on the author... again adding to the number 1 problem.
3. Ad hominems are never helpful. Except in politics... annnnd everything's politics. :facehoof: Crap. Carry on.

No, it's called adding drama. as another commenter said Without the murder of his parents Bruce would never make Batman. I don't do it lightly but it's critical to the story that it does happen

no matter which direction it would affect the story that much. in my mind it will still be one story. the only way this story ends up unfinished is if I drop dead

I vote for a separate story for NSFW Content/Clop content.

Well if it doesn’t affect the story write the PG-13 story and if you feel like it throw a bone to the R/NC-17/X crowd in a side story. To me that would make the most sense. Everyone is a little bit disappointed but not enough to break out the torches and pitchforks.

You and I aren’t getting any younger; my college roommate didn’t wake up and he was only in his thirties, but I’m already waiting for Arad and Muppetz among others...so you’re in good company. I’m just glad you’re determined.

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